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Ramadan is more than just fasting and Eid – it’s a great time to restore your body, mind, and spirit. So, for this sacred month, let’s look at some tips you can consider to make the season more fruitful, preparing you for another year ahead.   

Mental Health is #1 This Ramadan

Today’s generation has given a greater focus to mental health, with various practices aimed at improving a person’s mental well-being. The holy season offers several ways to develop your mental health, whether with your local community or yourself. 

Remember to prioritize your mental health during this season through self-care activities. Some things you can do include spending quality time alone or talking to people you’re close to. 

Ramadan is Perfect for Meditation and Reflection 

Building inner peace and having a calm mind reinforces one’s mental health. Thankfully, Ramadan promotes more time for meditation and developing your spirituality. 

Use this season wisely by setting a specific time each day to read the Quran, contemplate its words, and deep prayer. Additionally, you can elevate your inner peace by setting attainable goals, appreciating the good things in life, and forgiving those who caused hurt. 

Plan for a Nourishing Iftar 

Just as meditation nourishes your mind and soul, a healthy Iftar restores your energy after a long day of fasting. And while the temptation to load up on a heavy meal for Iftar, doing so isn’t the best option. 

Ideally, break your fast with some high-energy snacks like dates or fruits. Then, ensure your meal includes lean proteins, whole grains, healthy fats, and tasty vegetables. Also, adding soups and broths to your meal is a quick and smart way to replenish lost electrolytes. 

Keep on Moving 

Let’s be honest: moving about while fasting can be quite challenging, even for seasoned individuals. However, keeping an active body through physical activities will help your overall health and vitality. 

Include some light exercises before or after fasting, stimulating blood circulation and mental clarity. So, we recommend taking a few minutes to stretch or walk a few laps for a better body and rehydration before fasting begins. 

There are many ways to experience Ramadan, be it traditional or including modern touches like focusing on mental health and self-care. As long as they align with your beliefs and glorify Allah, we’re sure that your efforts will be greatly rewarded. Have a blessed Ramadan from your Ijara CDC family. 

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