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Web3 is one of the most discussed terms in the domain of technology right now. Candidates who want to become web3 architects could identify the best opportunities for building their careers. The global web3 blockchain market has a value of around $2.86 billion as of 2023 and could reach $116.5 billion by 2033. Businesses are actively seeking web3 solutions and experts to help them implement web3 technologies. 

The value advantages of web3 technologies, such as decentralized identity, smart contracts, NFTs, and DeFi, encourage many businesses to board the web3 bandwagon. On top of it, favorable prospects for a career in web3 have also served as appealing highlights for more professionals to enter the web3 domain. A report by has revealed that the number of web3 job applicants in 2022 was 60,000.  

One of the most prominent job roles in the web3 market points to web3 solution architects. The growing demand for web3 solutions implies the necessity of a professional web3 architect at the helm of web3 projects. Do you want to become a web3 solutions architect? The following post could serve as your guide to building your career as a web3 architecture expert. 

Certified Web3 Professional (CW3P)

Why Should You Become a Web3 Solutions Architect?

The decision to pursue answers for “What skills are required to become a web3 architect?” would rely on a clear impression of the underlying reasons. Why should you invest your efforts and time in learning web3? The most convincing response to such questions would shed light on the digital transformation of the online environment and user experiences. Businesses could leverage web3 to offer new user experiences alongside empowering users with control over their data. The radical growth in popularity of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, DeFi, and the metaverse is also related directly to the expansion of the web3 market. 

You should learn web3 architect skills to become a part of the revolution that could transform digital experiences completely. The impressive predictions regarding the value of the global web3 market also present a valid reason to start learning web3. In the long run, developers and architects have to prepare for web3 projects. 

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What is a Web3 Solutions Architect?

The first thing you need to know before pursuing a web3 architect course is the definition of the role. Web3 architects are the professionals responsible for developing and promoting the architecture in web3 development projects. The web3 solution architect also supervises the complete web3 application development lifecycle from the stages of ideation to completion. In addition, the primary aspects in the definition of web3 architects also emphasize the need for offering support with new web3 solution releases. 

A web3 architect must participate directly in the pre and post-sales activity with active involvement. On top of it, web3 solution architects must also ensure hands-on involvement in production release and delivery. Web3 architects communicate and collaborate with multiple teams and professionals to improve web3 solutions. The work of web3 solution architects also involves the effective use of skills for developing and maintaining customer relationships.

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What is the Role of Web3 Architects?

The basic definition of the job of web3 architects invites curiosity regarding their distinctive roles within an organization. What does a web3 architect do in a web3 organization or project? 

The most prominent highlight in the roles of web3 architects in an organization would point to web3 app architecture design. Web3 architects actively plan the ideal approach for building web3 solutions. The technical roles of web3 architects focus on reviews of programming logic alongside ensuring effective implementation of compliance requirements and necessary controls. Web3 architects have to ensure that the compliance requirements and controls are applied throughout all operations, projects, and initiatives of web3 companies.

The next prominent aspect of the role of the web3 architect would point to the necessity of achieving business objectives. Remember that you have to use web3 architect skills to enable web3 solutions with relevant functionalities that users need today. In addition, it is also important to ensure that web3 solutions can scale up according to emerging business goals. Web3 solution architects must leverage their experience in working with fast-paced and complex web3 solution environments. 

The role of a web3 solution architect also emphasizes formidable experience in information architecture. As a professional web3 solutions architect, you should have the ability to utilize your experience in addressing the requirements of web3 architecture design and development. Another critical highlight in the role of web3 architects draws the limelight on the necessity of code review. 

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The work of web3 solution architects also invites attention to the ways in which they manage people in the organization. Most people would assume that a web3 architect certification would prepare you for technical roles only. However, it is also important to identify that web3 architects have to work as technical professionals as well as business advisors. Web3 architects use their technical and interpersonal skills for the effective implementation of solutions alongside the identification and resolution of vulnerabilities. 

The people-centric role of web3 architects emphasizes working in collaboration with software engineers, end users and delivery managers. Web3 architects must also have the capabilities for hands-on collaboration with database and UX professionals to make the necessary improvements. In addition, web3 solution architects must leverage inputs from other professionals to create guidelines and ensure compliance with web3 architecture best practices. 

The distinct roles of web3 architects showcase the necessity of pursuing a web3 architect course to earn the relevant skills. As you have to deal with challenging web3 projects, you should have fluency in using the tools and environments required for web3 architecture. At the same time, the role of web3 architects also calls for seamless working within an innovative, energetic, and passionate culture.

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What Are the Responsibilities of Web3 Architects?

The roles of a web3 architect showcase proof of their importance in web3 projects. It is a lucrative job role in the domain of web3, thereby encouraging many aspiring professionals to pursue the role. However, it is also important to have a clear impression of what you should do as web3 solution architects. Here is an outline of the responsibilities of web3 architects. 

  • Offering technical knowledge regarding the design and delivery of web3 solutions.
  • Web3 architects must also create technical documentation for different stages of a web3 project lifecycle. The documentation must offer a detailed description of the architecture, modules, and methods used in the web3 solution. 
  • Solution architects must use their web3 architect skills to ensure that the web3 solutions are suited to the desired purpose and follow the best practices of web3 architecture. In addition, architects must also verify that the web3 solution fulfills the essential criteria agreed upon by the project managers and clients.
  • Web3 architects must also offer hands-on guidance and leadership for web3 developers. The responsibilities of web3 architects also emphasize the need for active involvement in addressing critical web3 development tasks for supporting solution delivery.
  • The web3 solution architect should also work on developing enduring customer relationships through building trust and solution performance. 
  • Supporting the web3 company or project leadership for establishing appropriate standards and practices for achieving desired business objectives.
  • Professionals with a web3 architect certification must have the ability to identify and analysis of new web3 and blockchain technologies
  • Web3 architects should have the required skills for creating proof-of-concept web3 solutions by leveraging different blockchain technologies and frameworks. 
  • Another crucial responsibility of web3 architects emphasizes advocacy for web3 and blockchain solutions through the creation of web3 research papers.
  • Candidates should have an innovative mindset that extends beyond the scope of a regular web3 architect course and focuses on the identification of new technology trends. After careful evaluation of new technologies, web3 architects have to recommend suitable alternatives for improving web3 projects or community knowledge. 

Skills Required for Web3 Architects

The journey to becoming a web3 solution architect would move ahead with the identification of important skill requirements. What skills are required to become a web3 architect? The answer would guide you towards technical as well as soft skills required for addressing web3 solution architect responsibilities. Here is an outline of the important aspects you need to learn before pursuing a career as a web3 architect.

Web3 Architect Skills

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The most basic requirement in a list of web3 architect skills would emphasize blockchain technology. Blockchain is one of the pillars for expanding the concept of web3. However, learning about blockchain technology comes with an emphasis on different factors such as decentralization, gas fees, interoperability, and transaction throughput. 

Which blockchain network is the best choice for web3? Web3 architects need fluency in Ethereum Virtual Machine and Solidity programming language. EVM serves as the virtual machine for web3 development, while Solidity helps in programming smart contract logic. 

The list of skills required for a career in web3 as a solution architect also focuses on other technologies in the blockchain ecosystem. You must have a fluent understanding of Solana, which offers better scope for interoperability and lower gas fees. Web3 architects must also be comfortable in using layer 2 solutions for driving scalability

Some of the popular examples of layer 2 solutions include Polygon and Optimism. The skills in blockchain technology for web3 architecture also draw the limelight on application chains for creating personalized blockchain platforms. Popular examples of application chains include Polkadot and Tendermint. 

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  • Blockchain Node Management 

The tech stack required for a web3 architect also emphasizes blockchain node providers. You would require a server for deploying web3 solutions, and the node offers the same functionality. Blockchain nodes could maintain track of the distributed ledger alongside serving as communication hubs for network operations. Node providers such as Infura and Moralis offer APIs for creating automated flows to create self-operating blockchain nodes. 

Blockchain data storage is considerably complex and resource intensive. Web3 applications involve the generation of massive volumes of data required for facilitating different functionalities. Peer-to-peer databases can solve the problems by offering a decentralized off-chain database. One of the popular examples of decentralized database providers is the Ceramic network. 

  • Decentralized File Storage

If you want to become a web3 solutions architect, you must use a web3 architect course which can help you learn about decentralized file storage. Web3 applications also need a dedicated file storage system, like Amazon S3, in the case of web2 solutions. Web3 architects must have fluency in using IPFS, the most popular decentralized file system protocol. In addition, you must also learn the skills for using decentralized file storage hosting platforms such as Storj and Filecoin. 

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  • Web3 Authentication Tools

The answers to “What skills are required to become a web3 architect?” also point to expertise in web3 authentication tools. Web3 architects should have an in-depth understanding of using cryptographic signatures to prove ownership of web3 assets. Aspiring web3 solution architects should learn about web3 authentication platforms such as Web3Auth, which can offer self-custodial control of authentication privileges.

  • Frontend Development Solutions

Web3 architecture not only focuses on the smart contract logic and underlying functionalities of Web3 solutions but also on the user experience. You must have fluency in the implementation of the front end for web3 solutions. Web3 projects seek architects with React development expertise to create engaging and functional frontends. 

  • Web3 Libraries and Development Tools

The final addition to the tech stack for web3 architecture focuses on web3 libraries and development tools. You can build your career in web3 by leveraging web3 libraries that help in interacting with nodes through HTTPS, WebSocket, or IPC. The libraries are useful for writing intuitive and one-liner methods for the initialization of JSON RPC requests for interacting with the blockchain. 

Some of the popular web3 libraries for the Ethereum blockchain include Ethers.js and Web3.js. At the same time, a web3 architect must have professional expertise in web3 development tools such as Brownie, Truffle, Ganache, and Hardhat. Another popular tool required for web3 architects is the Remix IDE, a comprehensive development environment for web3 applications.

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How Can You Become a Web3 Architect?

The detailed impression of the roles and responsibilities and skills required for web3 architects provides a clear impression of what you need to learn. Now, you must focus on a selection of suitable training courses to become a web3 architect with practical expertise. At the same time, you must also emphasize credible web3 certifications to help you prove your expertise in web3. On top of it, candidates aspiring for the role of web3 solution architects must develop hands-on experience with web3 projects. In addition, a well-crafted professional portfolio could help candidates in becoming instantly recognizable for their web3 skills.

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The detailed guide on web3 architect skills and their roles and responsibilities shows you what you need to become web3 solution architects. Web3 architects are one of the integral elements in the web3 labor market as they design, develop, deploy, and maintain web3 solutions. The role of web3 architects in emerging projects extends beyond the technical aspects into people management. 

Interestingly, the choice of learning resources on web3 technologies could make a huge difference in web3 career development. You can explore the web3 expert career path on 101 Blockchains to develop your skills and knowledge in web3. The Certified Web3 Professional certification on 101 Blockchains could also offer an additional advantage for your career aspirations. Learn web3 in detail and become a professional web3 solution architect right now.

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