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Many of us look forward to a hearty iftar to end the day of fasting well. And while home-cooked meals are great, preparing one for you and your family can further drain your remaining energy.

This is when you call for takeout or visit your favorite halal restaurant. While many halal restaurants focus on serving traditional foods from Muslim regions, like Arab or Pakistani, there is a viable alternative when you feel like something different but still halal.  

Check out Cluck Clucks, a Toronto-based Halal chicken and waffles store and franchise that brings this comfort food to the Muslim community. One peek at their website; the first thing you see is a photo of their mouth-watering fried chicken. Word of caution, though: don’t go on until closer to Iftar, or you might think about it all day while fasting.  

IjaraCDC loves to support Muslim-owned businesses. When we heard about Cluck Clucks, we knew this was a topic worth discussing. 

From a Love for Halal Fried Chicken…

The dynamic duo of Raza Hashim and Maryam Rizvi started Cluck Clucks in 2014. Driven to turn the once-exotic combination of chicken and waffles into a Canadian comfort food staple, they started with a store in Toronto. 

Like most small businesses, they had the usual struggles of managing finances, staffing, marketing, and ensuring customer satisfaction. “It also entails investing personal family time to build something from scratch,” they added during our recent discussion. 

How did they overcome these challenges? The owners say, “Overcoming these hurdles requires strategic planning, dedication, and a passion for hospitality. This commitment ensures that my family and those joining our franchisee network can have a smooth and seamless business-owning and running experience.”  

… To Growth and Future US Expansion 

After a decade in the business, this halal chicken restaurant is reaping the rewards in spades. Their passion for food and hospitality has brought them more than financial independence and potential for long-term success and growth.

They’re scheduled to open a new branch in Houston, Texas, in May 2024, their first venture into the US market. So, the lucky people in Texas won’t need to wait too long to have a taste.  

Head of Franchise Development Sameer Hussain says,” Overall, it’s an exhilarating prospect that propels us towards our objective of reaching more customers and contributing positively to the communities we serve. We love to invite you to join our franchise network.” 

The more we support Muslim-owned businesses, the more we will thrive as a community. So, if you’re looking into ordering some of their tasty halal fried chicken and waffles, visit their website at They’re also open for franchising opportunities in Texas, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Illinois, and Washington DC. So hit them up at

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