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Times have truly changed – from being expected to stay at home, a working mom is a vital part of the workforce. Being a mother is already a challenge, and adding the rigors of work can quickly become a handful for many working moms. 

At IjaraCDC, we also have team members that face this struggle regularly. Gemala, our VP of Marketing, is a proud mom of four extraordinary young ladies. We asked her to share some hurdles she deals with as a working mom and her tips to overcome them.  

Time Management

Working moms have some of the craziest schedules – from waking up early to prepare breakfast and pack lunch to meeting up with clients during the day. And at times, it could seem that a 24-hour day isn’t enough to cover all your tasks. 

One of the ways she manages her time is by setting up an e-calendar and sticking to it as much as possible. Have everything planned out for the week, and go through the schedule religiously.  It also helps to set up alerts on the e-calendar of important events, activities, or meetings.

Of course, there are days when life throws a wrinkle on the schedule, like a sick child or family emergency. In cases like these, she says it’s best to have a work-from-home option to allow you to work while taking care of critical situations.  

She feels lucky to work at IjaraCDC, as it offers a flexible work environment. Everyone has a life outside of the office and sometimes family takes priority over work, something that IjaraCDC fully understands.

Dealing with House Chores 

Whether you work in an office or at home, we’re sure that dealing with the house chores is something you’re worried about. I mean, the dishes and laundry won’t do themselves, right? 

This is where being a wise parent will pay off. Gemala shared how she trained her kids to do simple house chores so they could manage if she were running late. It’s a great way to lighten your load while preparing your children for adulthood.  According to her, “If you are a part of the household, you have to take part in taking care of the household.

Work-Life Balance 

As a working mom, we know you want to succeed in your field and be a mother your kids will be proud of. However, having a lot of things in your place can be overwhelming at times, leading to focusing on one and leaving the other on the side. 

Our VP of Marketing reminded us that maintaining a work-life balance is one of her keys to success. Taking time off work to be with the kids can be a refreshing experience for working moms and a reminder of why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Paying the Bills and Staying in Control 

Piggy bank balancing on seesaw over a stack of bills

Mental health is a big deal nowadays, with more people and professionals paying attention to one’s mental well-being. Working moms deal with emotional and mental stress from the workplace and home. A 2022 survey showed that 42% of working moms are diagnosed to have anxiety and/or depression.

There’s an old saying, “Before you fill another’s cup, you must fill your own,” we recommend working moms take this saying to heart. It’s not wrong to take a few days off work if you need it or have a “mommy day off” for nails, spa, and coffee. Gemala has been known to step out of the office to get some soft-serve ice cream from time to time (or maybe more frequently than that, but I am not at liberty to disclose.)

Taking care of yourself will go a long way in managing work and your family. 

When Guilt Be Trippin

A lot of working moms feel guilty leaving their kids for work, and it’s something that could eat them alive for some time. The thought of missing out on important milestones or spending less time with the little ones can give the feeling that they’re not good mothers. 

Take heart because joining the workforce doesn’t make you less of a mother. In fact, you’re becoming a role model for your children on how to maximize life. And while the guilty feeling may linger, it will all work out in the end. 

Stand Tall: You’re a Working Mom Queen. 

Being a working mom can be a challenge – but it’s something you can deal face with flying colors. The struggles you go through also have abundant rewards, not just for yourself but for your family as well. The working moms at IjaraCDC are with you on this journey.  

Just our little secret, working moms are the best: they are hardworking, efficient, driven, and know how to manage people…

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