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Technological advancements have served as the crucial drivers of progress, and web3 technologies prove the same. Web3 denotes a new stage in the evolution of the internet with prolific advantages for businesses, developers, and users. The growing interest in web3 has encouraged many people to learn about web3. Therefore, beginners are likely to look for top web3 Twitter accounts to learn industry insights and fundamentals of web3. 

The design of web3 aims to enable users to exercise complete control over their data, digital assets and experiences. How could influencers on Twitter help you in learning web3? The top web3 influencers could help you learn from their insights based on practical experiences with web3. Following popular influencers in the domain of web3 also helps you catch up with new trends in specific web3 technologies. 

As web3 introduces significant improvements in customer satisfaction and efficiency, it is important to learn how web3 changes technology and its value in different industries. The following post helps you find the best web3 Twitter accounts you must follow in 2023 for valuable insights on web3 technologies.

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Why Should You Seek Web3 Twitter Influencers?

One of the foremost things on your mind right now must be the reasons why you should follow web3 influencers on Twitter. Are they really worth your time? The answers to such questions would point to the significance of web3 in revolutionizing technology and user experiences. DeFi has opened up decentralized access to financial services, while NFTs offer new and secure instruments for digital asset ownership. At the same time, the metaverse is also developing as a virtual representation of the internet with immersive experiences in accessing digital services and experiences. As a beginner, you may face difficulties in understanding the innovations in web3 due to complicated jargon. 

The top influencers in web3 on Twitter could help you find your way around the events and concepts in web3. Twitter is a massive social media network and serves as a flexible platform for influencers to express their opinions about web3. The top web3 Twitter influencers post their thoughts regarding latest events, new web3 projects and market trends. Most important of all, influencers can offer personalized insights which you cannot find in market analysis reports or web3 news stories. 

Web 3.0 influencers on Twitter could help beginners understand the web3 market dynamics. A professional can also rely on popular web3 Twitter accounts to update their knowledge regarding the web3 market and new trends. The knowledge imparted by influencers can help you develop a comprehensive understanding of the web3 market. On top of it, you can also come up with new and authentic ideas alongside the ability to make crucial decisions regarding web3 projects.


Most Popular Web3 Twitter Accounts You Should Follow in 2023

The benefits of following web 3.0 influencers on Twitter provide valid reasons for searching for the best influencers on Twitter who specialize in web3. The answers to “Who to follow on Twitter for web3?” would guide you to different Twitter accounts in multiple categories. Let us take a look at the top Twitter accounts you should follow in 2023 for specializing in web3.

Web3 Founders and Developers on Twitter

The practical involvement of web3 founders and web3 developers in core stages of the web3 development lifecycle enriches their experience and knowledge. Your search for web3 Twitter accounts to follow in 2023 should start with the Twitter accounts of renowned web3 founders actively involved in web3 projects. Here are some of the top web3 founders and developers with a Twitter account. 

Vitalik Buterin

The first addition to a list of top web3 influencers would obviously point at the Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin. He is an influential thought leader with around 4 million followers on Twitter. Vitalik Buterin shares his vision for the future of web3 and Ethereum through his tweets. In addition, he also expresses views on the articulation of complex ideas and how Ethereum could empower the ideas.

Follow Vitalik Buterin in Twitter

Anatoly Yakovenko

Anatoly Yakovenko is the co-founder of Solana, one of the emerging competitors to Ethereum. The Twitter account of Anatoly has more than 182,000 followers. Anatoly had spent a major portion of his career at Qualcomm. He utilizes his Twitter account for posting development updates for the Solana ecosystem and new web3 developments. 

Follow Anatoly Yakovenko on Twitter

Tim Beiko

The top web3 Twitter accounts in 2023 also include references to Tim Beiko. His Twitter account has more than 79,000 followers. The core Ethereum developer has been an active contributor in leadership of different important Ethereum upgrades. The most noticeable achievement of Tim Beiko refers to his involvement in the Merge or the transition of Ethereum to a Proof of Stake consensus protocol. Ethereum developers can follow the Twitter account of Tim Beiko to learn latest insights regarding the Merge. 

Follow Tim Beiko on Twitter

Brendan Eich

Another big name among web3 solution founders and developers on Twitter is Brendan Eich. Brendan is popular for developing JavaScript, the essential programming language for many web3 development libraries and web3 tools. The Twitter account of Brendan is one of the best web3 Twitter accounts you should follow in 2023. His Twitter account has over 169,000 followers, and his achievements of Brendan offer valid reasons for following him on Twitter now. As the founder of Brave browser, the contribution of Brendan to web3 is massive. 

Follow Brendan Eich on Twitter

Gavin Wood

The prominent mentions among popular web3 Twitter account also include Gavin Wood, the co-founder of Ethereum. Interestingly, Gavin Wood is one of the top web3 Twitter influencers because he was the first to come up with the term ‘web3’ in 2014. Gavin is also an active contributor to the Polkadot project, which aims at improving blockchain interoperability. He also leads the blockchain infrastructure provider, Parity, which focuses on Ethereum-based web3 solutions.

Follow Gavin Wood on Twitter

Evan Van Ness

Beginners in web3 could also look up the account of Evan Van Ness on Twitter to access updates from the ‘Week in Ethereum News’ newsletter. The newsletter by Evan Van Ness offers important news, proposals, and updates alongside developer resources for Ethereum developers. The Twitter account of Evan Van Ness has over 83,000 followers.

Follow Evan Van Ness on Twitter

Peter Szilagyi

Peter Szilagyi is another top name you might come across in answers to “Who to follow on Twitter for web3?” for learning about the Ethereum ecosystem. He is a team lead at Ethereum and has over 57,000 followers on Twitter. The Twitter account of Peter is a reliable source of the latest information about Ethereum ecosystem developments for network participants, independent stakers and validators. 

Follow Peter Szilagyi on Twitter

Georgios Konstantopoulos

The collection of web3 Twitter accounts to follow in 2023 would also draw your attention toward Georgios Konstantopoulos. He is a CTO and Research Partner of Paradigm, involved with portfolio companies of the platform. In addition, he also supports projects for research on open-source protocols. The Twitter account of Georgios has over 70,000 followers, where he expresses views on bridging scalability, interoperability and security for cryptocurrencies.

Follow Georgios Konstantopoulos on Twitter

Web3 Evangelists on Twitter

The primary role of web3 evangelists focuses on increasing awareness about web3 technologies. Web3 evangelists work through creation of content on web3 that could ensure active engagement of users, thereby driving web3 adoption. Here are some of the top web3 evangelists on Twitter you should follow now.

Vitto Rivabella

The first edition among web3 influencers focused on web3 advocacy is Vitto Rivabella. Vitto serves as a developer advocate for the popular web3 development framework provider, Alchemy. The Twitter account of Vitto has over 93,000 followers and offers exclusive insights for beginning your journey in web3 development. 

Follow Vitto Rivabella on Twitter

Ivan Liljeqvist

As a beginner in web3 and blockchain, you must have come across “Ivan on Tech” blogs for blockchain research. Ivan created a YouTube channel for providing simple explanations of complicated web3 concepts. With over half a million subscribers on YouTube and more than 383,000 Twitter followers, Ivan is a credible influencer for web3 beginners.

Follow Ivan Liljeqvist on Twitter

Patrick Collins

Patrick Collins is another popular name among top web3 influencers who focus on web3 evangelism. The Twitter account of Patrick has 41,300 followers, and his credibility as a blockchain engineer at Chainlink Labs makes Patrick a top choice for web3 enthusiasts. Patrick uses his Twitter presence to provide free resources such as courses on core blockchain concepts, such as Solidity, DeFi, web3 dApps and smart contracts. The Twitter account of Patrick is recommended for every web3 professional, irrespective of the level of experience. 

Follow Patrick Collins on Twitter

Albert Hu

The collection of names among top web3 Twitter accounts also includes Albert Hu, another developer advocate working for Alchemy. Albert has 10,000 Twitter followers, and he explores innovative aspects of web3 and blockchain technology alongside providing educational insights. The opinions of Albert and the documentation by his team could help you learn the best practices for dApp development and scalability.

Follow Albert Hu on Twitter

Nader Dabit

Another prominent addition among web3 evangelists you must follow on Twitter is Nader Dabit. He is a Developer Relations Engineer for Edge & Node, the company responsible for creation of the Graph Protocol. Nader has one of the most popular web3 Twitter accounts to follow for free web3 developer guides. He has over 115,000 followers, and the broad range of his expertise in web development, mobile development and AWS cloud development validates his credibility. 

Follow Nader Dabit on Twitter

Preethi Kasireddy

Preethi Kasireddy is one of the popular influencers in web3 with diverse professional experience. She has worked with Goldman Sachs and Andreessen Horowitz, as well as Coinbase. Now, Preethi runs DappCamp, a promising platform for learning methods for designing, deploying and scaling Ethereum dApps. The Twitter account of Preethi is an excellent resource for anyone interested in developing their first decentralized application

Follow Preethi Kasireddy on Twitter

Austin Griffith

An active member of the Ethereum Foundation, Austin Griffith makes it to the list of top web3 Twitter influencers you should follow. The work of Austin in the Ethereum Foundation emphasizes developer onboarding, tooling management and mentoring. He has served as the lead for different projects focused on uncovering new possibilities with Ethereum development for web3. The tweets of Austin Griffith are mandatory pieces of information for anyone interested in learning Ethereum development fundamentals.

Follow Austin Griffith on Twitter

Oliver Jumpertz

The responses for “Who to follow on Twitter for web3?” would remain incomplete without referring to Oliver Jumpertz. The web3 developer has more than 96,000 followers on Twitter and provides engaging content on web3 topics. Beginners can follow Oliver on Twitter to explore the fundamentals of blockchain technology and use cases such as NFTs and cryptocurrencies. Furthermore, the tweets of Oliver also include practical advice for web3 career development.

Follow Oliver Jumpertz on Twitter

Web3 Investors on Twitter

The search for best web3 Twitter accounts you should follow in 2023 also leads to names of popular web3 investors. The Twitter accounts of web3 investors could help in learning more about the web3 startup landscape and industry trends. Here are some popular web3 investors on Twitter.

Balaji Srinivasan

The former CTO of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, deserves the top spot among web3 investors with a dominant following on Twitter. He has more than 650,000 followers on Twitter. As an early investor in web3, Balaji has stakes in popular web3 companies and protocols such as Solana, Alchemy, Bitcoin and Chainlink. The Twitter account of Balaji is an effective source for learning new ideas about the future of web3

Follow Balaji Srinivasan on Twitter

Chris Dixon

Another prominent web3 investor among the list of top web3 influencers is Chris Dixon. Chris has more than 854,000 followers on Twitter and is a General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz. He has to lead the development of a16z crypto, the web3 division of Andreessen Horowitz, which directs multiple investments in web3. Followers can rely on tweets of Chris for identifying potentially powerful web3 projects and the evolution of the web3 space.

Follow Chris Dixon on Twitter


The outline of top influencers on Twitter for web3 shows some of the best players in the domain. You can explore a broad range of information and updates on web3 technology, web3 industry trends and market forecasts through influencers. However, it is important to choose web3 Twitter accounts to follow for learning about web3 with authentic insights. 

The evolution of web3 through innovative developments has created widespread interest in web3 concepts, web3 use cases, and web3 market growth. In the long run, the insights of web 3.0 influencers on Twitter could help in promoting the sustained association of professionals with web3. Learn more about web3 and its practical applications in detail right now. 

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