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Panoramic view new york city manhattan downtown skyline at night with skyscrapers and brooklyn bridge

When talking about New York, many people think about the bright lights and the bustling metropolis. However, there is more to the state than Brooklyn and New York City.  

The suburbs of the other towns are some of the best residential spots away from the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple. These places are more laid back and a few hours away from the big cities. 

Finding an excellent spot to live in is crucial for anyone, whether you’re an individual or with a family. If you’re set on staying in New York, then we have what you need. We’ve listed some of the prime locations to consider when buying a home in good ol’ New York. 

1. Rochester 

New York State has the third highest Muslim population in the country, with an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 Muslims residing in the Greater Rochester area. Priorities have changed since the pandemic, with many families preferring to live in nearby towns with affordable housing than staying in high-priced apartments in the central areas. Rochester offers both a business and budget-friendly place for house seekers. Having the best area for business and residential under a $200K property is a reasonable price. 

2. Niagara Falls 

Niagara Falls may be a small town, but it has more charm than the natural wonder it’s named after. It is one of the three cheapest cities for residential properties, has a low cost of living, plus a diverse population.  

The town is laid back in nature, but the culture and people bring life to the place. Note that Niagara Falls has the highest property crime rate, and having your home insurance cover theft is necessary. 

3. Syracuse 

This place offers something for people who love food, pets, and the extreme—Syracruse’s home cost averages around $150k. With a 53% increase in value over the past ten years, you will fall in love with the city, the fifth most populated state.  

Syracuse has the oldest state fair for foodies, vast mountain ranges, and a pet-friendly culture, businesses, and restaurants that welcome people and their furry non-aquatic companions. 

4. Kingston

The closest city to the Big Apple, Kingston is renowned for stunning landscapes filled with history; it was the first capital of New York in 1777. Located on the banks of the Hudson River, the area boasts a property value of around $350k. 

The place is packed with businesses like shops, entertainment, and restaurants, recommended for young professionals and families.  

5. Buffalo

The birthplace of the famous Buffalo Wings, the city is the most recommended to buy properties averaging under $200k and value that increased 136% over the decade. In recent years there has been an influx of Muslim families moving out of NYC to Buffalo, making it a hotspot for the Muslim population to build a community. Buffalo is home to several Islamic schools that have been one of the main reasons the Muslim population has grown there.  

This small town has its unique charm, as many establishments are within walking distance. It’s also a bike-friendly city, so going around town is easy. The only drawback is it has the second-highest average snowfall rate. But if “the cold never bothered you anyway,” Buffalo, New York, is the best place to settle. 

New York: More than Bright Lights

These cities are some of the best New York State has to offer and are great for anyone interested in making New York their home state. With lively people and culture, the places are excellent for business and family. 

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