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As springtime knocks at the door, the ambience of your home should go with it. It must be well-ventilated and brightly colored to accommodate the change of seasons.

Redecorating your abode to complement spring can be easy, affordable, and does not require a professional. With some home improvement here and there, you can change your living spaces from gloomy to bright and colorful instantly.

So, declutter some mess, as here are some nifty tips to prepare your home for spring.

Wall Art

Paintings are an excellent way to provide the springtime theme by having scenes of greenery and brightly colored flowers in a light-colored frame. Place it in your living room to accent your entrance as a conversational piece and add something to a bare wall. 

Additionally, you can try out some unique decoration ideas, like using your lovely rugs and scarves as wall tapestries. Hanging up some DIY artwork that you and your family are into can also be a great piece for the home. Travel aficionados can place a cork world map to note locations visited and next destinations, while pet lovers can make a collage of their pets for a personalized touch.

Freshen Up Your Living Room

Beautiful spring home decor

Start by taking down Ramadan decorations and replacing them with springtime decorations. Vases with fresh flowers can add color to coffee tables, while indoor plants enhance the spring vibe within the home. If fresh plants aren’t your thing, you can opt for artificial plants and hang them around the home with old vases for a stunning effect.

Layer Some Textures and Light Fabrics

Beddings and sofa covers must change from warm colors to bright and cool colors. Replace pillow covers, mixing textures in bright colors to make living spaces more radiant with sunlight. Always choose light-colored fabrics for your curtains, bedsheets, and sofa covers.


Repainting may take a little effort, but the results are stunning! Ensure your home is up for a fresh coat, and choose a bright color to compliment your covers and furniture. You can paint per room, so it better start in the living room area as it is the receiving area for guests.

Repurpose Old Furniture

If you have time on your hands, reuse old furniture or items and give them new life by repurposing them into new furniture. While requiring some elbow grease and a lot of creativity, repurposing can help with decluttering and freeing up space for new stuff in the home.

Turn old bed frames into benches, ladders into extra shelves, and run-down doors into bookshelves. Got some leftover planks from old projects? With some nails and paint, you can conjure a piece to hang or prop on the shelf.

Springtime is here, and your abode must be ready for it. Like changing your clothes to suit the weather, take advantage of the sunlight and the fresh breeze the season provides. We may know little about decorating your abode; however, we can provide you with a new one. With IjaraCDC, you can live in a riba-free property suitable to your lifestyle and budget.

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