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Budding leaves and singing birds in the air – spring has officially arrived! And you know what that means: it’s time for the annual spring cleaning.

While spring cleaning might never be easy, we’ve prepared something to make the process more manageable and efficient. So bust out those cleaning materials, rub on some elbow grease, and get down and dirty for spring cleaning.

What’s Spring Cleaning?

Spring denotes a new beginning, symbolized by the leaves growing back on trees and flowers spreading their petals. Adapting this mentality, families usually clean the entire home to give it a new life and brighter look.

Spring Cleaning Benefits

While many people dread the thought of spring cleaning, there are actually many benefits to doing a thorough deep clean of your home during this time of year. From improving your mental health to making your living space more organized and enjoyable, there are plenty of reasons to embrace the tradition of spring cleaning.

Physical Benefits

Accumulation of dust, dirt, and mildew can trigger one’s immune system, resulting in allergies. Doing the annual spring cleaning can clear out these indoor pollutants from the home, thus reducing the risks of triggering allergies. Plus, no one wants to recreate the famous “Home Alone” scene where young McCallister had a bunch of old toys around as traps, right?

Mental Health Benefits

Cleaning and decluttering do wonders for the body, more than on the physical aspect. Research has shown that a clean and organized home can help reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. Additionally, knowing where everything is placed promotes peace in one’s soul, along with improving focus.

Foolproof Spring Cleaning Tips:

Get All Tools Ready

Before jumping in on spring cleaning, you better have all the tools and supplies you will need handy. Going back and forth to the store in the middle of cleaning can put a drag on your progress.

Make a Game Plan

Now that you have the cleaning materials, it’s time to set your game plan. Preparing a guide on how to do your spring cleaning will help you navigate the process faster while ensuring you don’t miss a spot. Plus, the feeling of slowly completing your checklist is euphoric, to say the least.

Give Appliances Some Love

Major appliances, like refrigerators, ovens, and microwaves, require some deep cleaning occasionally. Spring cleaning is the best time to get them back in their pristine condition. Maintaining the cleanliness of your appliances ensures they work longer, reducing the need for repair or replacements.

When cleaning these appliances, nothing beats elbow grease – scrub those stains out with soap, water, and scrubbing pads. Steam cleaning works best for ovens and microwaves in loosening up the dirt.

Speaking of cleaning, have your couch and beds steam cleaned as well. You will be amazed at how grimy your couch could be after a year of use.

Time to Declutter

If you skipped this one during Ramadan, you could use spring cleaning to go through your stuff and declutter. Let go of some items that are either unused or don’t fit your needs. Decluttering can help make some room in your closets and leave a clearer living space.

What to do with your leftover items? You can sort them out and donate those still in working shape. If you have a lot of stuff to dispose of, you can also hold a garage sale to get some money back while clearing your space.

Have Everyone Pitch In

“Teamwork makes the dream work.” Get the family on board with the vibe and share the load. Younger kids can do simpler tasks like sweeping and mopping, while older kids can clean the windows and clear the attic.

Having the family, especially the kids, join the spring cleaning tradition, you’re not only making the load lighter. You’re also establishing real-life practices that they will bring as they grow in a fun way.

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