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View from CN Tower of Downtown buildings

One of the most popular provinces in Canada, Ontario has a lot to offer families looking to settle down. From impressive living conditions and access to amenities to excellent employment opportunities, several cities in Ontario rank as some of the best options available. Let’s explore these places and give you an idea of which place in Ontario you would want to live. 

Burlington, Ontario 

Located on the northwestern shores of Lake Ontario is Burlington, a hidden jewel of a city. With low crime rates, good schools, and excellent living standards, this city is great for couples starting a family, with stunning scenery of the lake, recreational areas, and parks for those who like the outdoors. 

Though Burlington is a small city, its location provides access to the big cities that are a bus ride away. If you like a lay-back city lifestyle with breathtaking Nature, Burlington is the city for you. 


This southern Ontario city is known for its waterfalls, music, and art. Hamilton has a rich heritage with several galleries, cultural festivals, and museums that captivate both locals and tourists. One of the most appealing aspects of Hamilton is affordable housing suitable for starting families to enjoy the sights and sounds of this great city. 


The Garden City has most of the best Ontario can offer. Excellent education, unique shops, and culture. Guelph is renowned for its local festivals and the Guelph University. This city has something for everyone, from culture to education and cuisine. Though high living costs may deter many, Guelph City is for you if you like the big city life. 

Toronto, Ontario 

In the heart of southern Ontario is the largest city in Canada. Toronto, home of the Raptors, is booming with art, culture, and job opportunities for anyone who wants to make the city their home. The unique Bohemian flavor of Kensington Market or Cabbagetown’s historic sites, combined with the cuisine of the place provide a memorable experience to anyone. The city of Toronto is for those who live brave and big!  


The landscape and the lakeside view capture the hearts of everyone who comes to Oakville. One that has a high cost of living and well-mannered neighborhoods, Oakville combines tranquility and luxury with scenic tree-lined streets and well-manicured lawns. If you are searching for an ideal living space as a professional or a family, Oakville should be on your radar. 


The hub of innovation and creativity, Waterloo City is Canada’s Silicon Valley. Booming with job opportunities and technology, Waterloo is excellent for anyone with an engaging lifestyle. From the bustling city, Waterloo also possesses beautiful nature trails, and parks perfect for outdoor recreation. 

When it comes to education, the popular Wilfrid Laurier and the University of Waterloo provide the best education. So, if you are a single professional or have a budding family, this city is a good pick for you. 

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