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The father curses and rebukes his son,
Threatens to stone his own blood,
To burn him alive with the people he teamed,
Oh, the patience of Ibrahim!

Catapulted and thrown into the air,
In front, the huge fire raged.
Behind, his people awaited his death,
Oh, the patience of Ibrahim!

In a situation this precarious,
All that he said, “Sufficient for us is Allah –
And He is the Best Disposer of affairs!”
Oh, the patience of Ibrahim!

Devoted himself to the worship of The One Almighty,
Wanted just one child to continue his progeny,
The wait was over when age reached its extremes,
Oh, the patience of Ibrahim!

His two precious possessions – a wife and a son,
Ordered to leave them in a lonely desert.
Despite the pain he fulfilled what his Lord decreed,
Oh, the patience of Ibrahim!

After years of wait he was finally blessed
With a son whom he dearly loved,
Down came the order to slaughter his beloved,
Oh, the patience of Ibrahim!

The hearts must have trembled,
The eyes must have had tears hidden,
Yet, the father and the son submitted,
Oh, the patience of Ibrahim!

To rely on your Rabb solely,
To be silent and bear things patiently,
Even if those against you is your own family,
That is the patience of Ibrahim!

To not despair of your Rabb’s Mercy,
To call on Him even when things lack clarity,
Your Rabb is the Hearer of Du’a surely,
That is the patience of Ibrahim!

To patiently fulfil your Lord’s obligations,
To sacrifice your greatest temptations,
As a mark of loyalty to the Lord of all creations,
That is the patience of Ibrahim!

An epitome of forbearance,
A bastion of patience,
Whose way to follow in obeisance,
That is the one Ibrahim!

The one to build the House so esteemed,
The one whom Allah called Haneef,
The one whom Allah took as His Khaleel,
May peace be upon Ibrahim!

Written by: Dr Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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