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New York, 26/12/2023 – Musaffa, a pioneering company committed to empowering Muslim investors with Halal financial solutions, proudly announces the appointment of Rinat Ziyodaillaev as the new Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel. With a rich legal background and a deep understanding of diverse financial markets, Ziyodaillaev is set to play a pivotal role in Musaffa’s journey towards making Islamic financial education and investment accessible to all.

A Significant Leap Forward

Mr. Ziyodaillaev’s joining is a clear indication of Musaffa’s steadfast commitment to legal and ethical integrity. His vast experience in corporate law, compliance, and international regulations aligns perfectly with Musaffa’s vision of expanding its reach while upholding the highest standards of legal and ethical conduct.

This strategic appointment marks a pivotal moment in Musaffa’s journey, reflecting the company’s steady growth and increasing influence in the financial sector. Musaffa is evolving from a visionary startup into a robust, mature organization, demonstrating its dedication to operational excellence and responsible business practices.

Musaffa’s values are an unwavering commitment to compliance with both international and local laws and regulations. The addition of Mr. Ziyodaillaev to the team reinforces this commitment, ensuring that every step Musaffa takes is in line with legal and ethical standards. Musaffa’s focus on compliance is not just about adhering to rules but about fostering trust and confidence among its stakeholders and clients.

About Rinat Ziyodaillaev

Rinat Ziyodaillaev has carved out an impressive career in the legal sector, spanning over a decade. With a strong focus on commercial contracts, corporate law, data privacy regulations, licensing contracts, intellectual property, and arbitration, he has Ziyodaillaev has demonstrated a remarkable capacity for driving results and building robust relationships with stakeholders. His ability to drive results and establish strong stakeholder relationships has been a cornerstone of his professional journey.

Previous Tenure

Before joining Musaffa, Mr. Ziyodaillaev served as Corporate Counsel at Astound Commerce, a renowned E-Commerce Services Provider in California. There, he played a crucial role in managing commercial contracts and provided legal support, focusing on operations across multiple countries, including Canada, Ukraine, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Turkey, and India. His responsibilities encompassed a wide range of activities, from drafting and negotiating substantial contracts to advising on compliance, privacy, and intellectual property matters.

Mr. Ziyodillaev works directly with developers, product managers, external counsel, financial advisors, and in-house counsels to assist with issues of legal compliance. He works closely with international cross-functional teams to provide strategic assistance across numerous legal matters related to offered services.

Before joining Astound Commerce, Mr. Ziyodaillaev served as Counsel at Right & Able Law Firm in San Francisco, with a primary office in Beijing, China. He consulted on international trade, investment law, and dispute settlement, focusing on domestic law matters in CIS Countries and Russia. He also worked as a Research Assistant at PluriCourts, a research center at the University of Oslo, Norway, where he researched international judicial institutions’ decisions and coached moot court teams.

Mr. Ziyodaillaev’s earlier roles include Associate Attorney at Yusteza Law Firm in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and Yureks Law Firm in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. His responsibilities ranged from representing clients in civil and administrative cases, drafting and negotiating contracts, to providing legal advice on corporate, securities, tax, and finance laws. His notable achievements include drafting guidelines on confidentiality, information security, and data privacy and increasing his law firm’s work efficiency by a third through a new website and service order system.

Educational Background

Mr. Ziyodaillaev boasts an impressive background. He completed his LLM at the University of San Francisco School of Law in May 2018, focusing on International Transactions and Comparative Law. Mr. Ziyodaillaev also holds an LLM from the University of Oslo School of Law, with a thesis on jurisdiction and admissibility in investment arbitration. He attended a Summer School in Geneva, Switzerland, on EU Business Law and WTO Trade Practice and holds a Master of Laws in Business Law from Saint-Petersburg State University, Russia. Additionally, he has a strong educational foundation in International Transactions, Comparative Law, and Business Law, augmenting his practical legal expertise.

Licenses and Language Proficiency

Mr. Ziyodaillaev is permitted to provide legal services in New York, USA, is in the process of being admitted to the Law Society of Ontario, Canada, and is licensed in Russia, Uzbekistan, and other CIS countries. His moot court experience is notable, including coaching roles in the ELSA WTO Moot Court Competition and winning a special prize in the FDI International Arbitration Moot at King’s College London.

His linguistic skills are equally impressive, being fluent in 7 languages: English, Russian, Uzbek, and Persian, and conversational in Norwegian, Turkish, and Arabic.

Community Involvement

Mr. Ziyodillaev wrote a number of articles on various legal topics. He stays active in his community, contributing to non-profit organizations, active on educating people about their legal rights on social media, and participating in various legal and other social forum events as a speaker or moderator. 

Adhering to Ethical and Legal Standards

Mr. Ziyodaillaev’s rich professional journey, marked by significant achievements in legal practice, education, and technical skills, underscores his exceptional capability in the legal field. His experience and expertise make him a valuable asset in any legal setting, particularly in roles that require a deep understanding of commercial contracts, corporate law, and compliance matters.

Musaffa’s dedication to maintaining the highest ethical and legal standards is paramount. The company understands that its mission to empower Muslim investors extends beyond providing financial services; it’s about building a platform that operates with integrity and transparency at its core.

A Bright Future at Musaffa

Musaffa is confident that Mr. Ziyodaillaev’s vast experience and expertise will be invaluable in navigating the complex legal landscape of the Islamic Finance industry. His appointment signifies Musaffa’s commitment to excellence and its dedication to upholding the highest standards of legal practice.

Musaffa remains committed to its vision of building an accessible Halal trading platform, empowering Muslim investors with the knowledge and tools to invest and achieve financial independence in a Sharia-compliant way, and with Mr. Ziyodaillaev at the helm of its legal department, is poised for even greater success in the future.

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