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Here are Our Honest Thoughts 

A question was asked… maybe you know the answer?

The sister says, “Being born Muslim, I learned Quran in my childhood. But over time, I stopped reading and forgot a lot of it. I want a private Quran teacher (I think), but I don’t know if it will help me?”

IQRA Network is a platform dedicated to teaching Quran with a one-on-one private Quran teacher. 

A Private Quran Teacher Hears YOU

Some people are motivated by a classroom setting, while others feel it’s a distraction. As teachers, we’ve found that one-on-one Quran learning is very effective, whether for an adult or a child. Your private Quran teacher works with you alone; at that moment, their attention is only on you.

When learning to read Quran, a few issues may come up:

  • difficulty pronouncing letters mixing up letter recognition due to similarities
  • Inability to distinguish between which letters make a harder sound and which are soft
  • recognizing letters when they are in the middle of a word
  • stringing letters together
  • adding the correct vowel sounds

This is part of the learning curve. 

Some students struggle more in one area, while others find it simple to grasp and remember. A private Quran teacher will work with you to iron these out. These are foundational steps, so everything you do in your Quran after this will be built on these lessons. 

One-on-one learning ensures you stay caught up. Also, you can ensure that your foundation is solid and correct.

4 Huge Benefits of One-on-One Learning

1. Individualized Attention with a private Quran teacher

The benefits of a private Quran tutor are the same as having a private tutor for any subject. One-on-one learning offers students a unique way of learning because the entire process is based on their learning style. Some learn through visuals, and others require auditory triggers to help recall information. Your teacher works with you rather than with a curriculum that needs to be followed.  

2. No Judgement

We all fear some form of judgment; this is human nature. When working with a private Quran tutor, your only fear of judgment would come from the teacher. 

Having a teacher work with you one-on-one in private will quickly dissolve these thoughts and allow you to focus on the task at hand. 

When you feel your teacher is on your side, cheering you on, you aren’t afraid to try or make mistakes. 

Making mistakes is a quick way of learning because you’ll recall the mistakes faster. An error that is singled out can be easily corrected than one that is unknown. 

A patient and kind teacher will give you all the confidence you need to make mistakes and not feel “dumb.” 

3. Extra Time

Everyone who has learned the Quran knows that some part of the learning process keeps us stuck. Maybe it’s pronouncing “ain” or not mixing up “Kaf” and “Kahf.” 

You’ll have all the time you need with a private Quran teacher. You’ll get more one-on-one practice with your teacher, which gives you immediate feedback. You won’t be alone in the process, nor are you rushed through it. 

4. Connection 

There’s a powerful yet underrated benefit to having a private Quran teacher- connection! 

While the link is not physical in the sense that you are not in the same room, you are still interacting. This interaction leads to friendship – something special we’ve seen at IQRA. 

An IQRA student once said about his teacher, “He’s my best friend.” Even IQRA’s adult students have shown interest in meeting their teachers in person. They have even flown to Egypt even to see them! This is the nature of humans; we are hard-wired for connection. 

This connection typically happens through one-on-one interaction, or at the very least, it’s accelerated by it. Bonding with your teacher also means you have accountability. A private Quran teacher is like a coach. You’ve got someone rooting you on, helping you build, setting milestones, and expecting you to do the work. Having accountability leads to greater success as it provides motivation. It pushes us to reach each milestone necessary for our overall success. 

Why Is Learning Quran So Intimidating Sometimes?

Learning Quran for many adults is scary. And often, it’s rooted in fear of judgment or failure. We make excuses, and Shaytaan whispers to us – “you won’t commit to it” or “you don’t have time.” Sometimes it’s thoughts like, “You’ve been Muslim your whole life, and you still can’t read. The teacher will see you differently.” 

No, no, and no! It’s not true!

Your fear is within you, and the only way to conquer it is to intend to please Allah. Say ‘Bismillah’ and start! Put Shaytaan and your fears on mute. Don’t let anyone stop you from coming closer to Allah, not even your low self-opinion. Come to Allah! 

The Truth of the Matter

Learning Quran isn’t hard. And it doesn’t even take much time. It’s just that we look at the end and feel overwhelmed. Consistency is where success is, and expertise is where ease will be. And the intention is where your rewards will be.

Ultimately, this life is about the effort we put forward. The end goal isn’t in our control; just fixing our hearts and taking the necessary steps.

Musa (as) hit the water with his staff, splitting the sea. You can’t split a sea; a stick definitely won’t do it, either. Allah could have just split it. But the sunnah of Allah is that we try, put in the work, and leave the rest to Allah. 

So, if you’re on the fence about getting a private Quran teacher, don’t be. 

Just start, put in the effort, and you’ll find yourself successful inshaAllah!


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