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The blockchain industry has become one of the top platforms for career development with unique advantages. First of all, it is a completely new technology that sets a distinctive advantage over conventional technologies. Interestingly, the number of blockchain companies seeking remote employees has been on the rise after the pandemic. The popularity of blockchain and web3 has offered the ideal grounds for better career opportunities. 

However, the problems with location can create issues for working in your favorite blockchain job role. For example, you can see many blockchain developer jobs emerging in recent times across different parts of the world. Do you have to travel to California and settle there for a career in blockchain? No, you can choose companies that offer remote work options and pursue your blockchain career goals. Let us discuss the top blockchain companies which hire remote workers. 

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Top Companies for Remote Blockchain Developer Work

The growth of blockchain and crypto market has registered unprecedented levels of attention in recent times. You can notice how cryptocurrencies have become one of the most popular examples of digital assets for revising the use of currencies. The outline of answers to “Which big companies are working on blockchain?” would provide top names such as Walmart, IBM, and Microsoft. 

However, one of the interesting things about blockchain is that it entrusts power in the hands of all users. As a blockchain developer, you can contribute to a blockchain project from any corner of the world with your machine. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about geographical barriers to landing remote blockchain jobs. Here are some of the top companies which offer remote job positions in the field of crypto and blockchain. 

Anchorage Digital The first addition to the list of companies hiring remote workers would point to Anchorage Digital. It is one of the most popular and credible cryptocurrency companies, which offers business infrastructure alongside integrated banking services. One of the most important highlights of Anchorage Digital is the fact that it offers a powerful mix of compliance, product diversity, and private storage. On top of it, Anchorage Digital is one of the earliest crypto banks in the United States to follow federal regulations. Therefore, it can stand tall in terms of claims for offering quality customer service. 

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Kraken  The next entry among the list of companies seeking remote blockchain workers would point to Kraken. It is a popular and trusted marketplace for different types of digital assets. Recently, Kraken has opened up vacancies for blockchain developer jobs that could play a vital role in encouraging the adoption of cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Kraken has the potential to help people realize the importance of achieving financial equality and independence. 

One of the distinct highlights of the Kraken marketplace points to the efforts of the team. Remote work with Kraken can serve rewarding and seamless working experiences as the team includes business specialists and crypto enthusiasts. The team at Kraken aims to understand, recognize and capitalize on the possibilities of blockchain and cryptocurrency. Interestingly, the working culture at Kraken focuses on collaboration which can work wonders for remote work. 

Messari If you have been searching for blockchain jobs remote in nature, then you need to look for options like Messari. It is one of the biggest names among the companies working on crypto market research services. The services can help people in finding their way through web3 and cryptocurrencies. Aspiring professionals can seek new avenues for shaping their blockchain career with Messari in remote job roles. 

Messari utilizes a massive range of data visualization tools along with resource detection mechanisms working in unison with a massive global database. The company utilizes its massive infrastructure to deliver transparency alongside better insights into qualitative and quantitative analytics of blockchain sector. Messari plays a crucial role in encouraging people and organizations to use cryptocurrencies with more sensibility. 

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Parity Technologies  The next interesting entry among the companies offering remote blockchain jobs would point to Parity Technologies. It is a core blockchain development company that has been pivotal in the journey of increasing awareness regarding distributed ledger technology. One of the top reasons to choose Parity in the blockchain job market is the identity of its founders, Gavin Wood and Jutta Steiner. 

While Gavin Wood is one of the co-founders of Ethereum, Jutta Steiner was the former Chief of Security for the Ethereum Foundation. The company has been offering many promising job opportunities to professionals worldwide for developing a career in blockchain. 

Interestingly, Parity and Web3 Foundation have played a crucial role in defining the rise of platforms such as Polkadot. As of now, Parity employs more than 60 developers across international borders. Around 30% of the international development staff work in remote settings. 

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Chainlink  The outline of top blockchain companies which are hiring remote workers would point to Chainlink. It is one of the promising choices for blockchain developer jobs in remote work environments. Chainlink aims to create a world with economic equity for everyone. As a matter of fact, experts have pointed out that Chainlink is the most used open-source blockchain oracle network. 

The Oracle platform features a native token, LINK, which has been listed consistently among the top  cryptocurrencies worldwide in terms of market capitalization. Another important reason to choose Chainlink for remote blockchain jobs points to the strategic partnerships of the platform. Chainlink works in collaboration with multiple industry leaders, such as Aave, Celsius, and It is important to note that the organization is now hiring for all remote positions only. 

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Chainalysis  The discussions about blockchain companies hiring remote workers would also shed light on choices like Chainalysis. It provides a comprehensive platform for businesses to learn everything about blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Chainalysis offers the necessary information alongside inputs for fighting illegal cryptocurrency activities. 

As a result, it can support the working of law enforcement agencies, companies, and authorities for blockchain security. Chainalysis is a popular blockchain firm to work with in remote roles, as it plays a crucial role in encouraging blockchain adoption. One of the significant highlights in favor of Chainalysis refers to the support of Benchmark and other renowned venture capitalists.

IOHK The search for blockchain companies seeking remote employees takes us to another popular choice, i.e., IOHK. It is popular for creating the Cardano network and serves as the most popular blockchain engineering and research firm. Created in 2015, IOHK has evolved as one of the big names in blockchain and web3 for different reasons. The unique highlight of IOHK is the completely decentralized nature of the organization. 

In addition, it also has remote headquarters, which makes it a top choice for working in remote job roles. On top of it, the organization follows the most rigorous standards of academic verification alongside proof-backed application development. You can find the opportunity to create competitive blockchain solutions for businesses in public and private sectors. 

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ConsenSys The popular destinations for jobs in the field of web3 would also include references to ConsenSys. It is one of the most popular names in the Ethereum landscape and can lead to different blockchain jobs remote in location for your career preferences. You should notice that ConsenSys delivers DLT development tools alongside business solutions based on blockchain technology. 

In addition, ConsenSys has also dived into the field of blockchain education. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that ConsenSys is a type of industry leader in blockchain. You must also take note of the fact that ConsenSys has been linked closely to different tools such as Metamask, Truffle, Gnosis, and Infura. 

Each of the tools associated with ConsenSys proves that it can be a vital player in the blockchain job market with multiple remote job openings. ConsenSys has earned its reputation in the blockchain industry for serving a healthy workplace culture and working environment. 

Interestingly, you can also access all the benefits of the healthy work culture at ConsenSys in remote work environments. Some of the notable rewards of working at ConsenSys include personal development opportunities, flexible scheduling, equity options, and possibilities for remote work.

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Binance Another top company in the blockchain space you would like to work for in remote roles would refer to Binance. It is a leader in the world of blockchain and crypto, such that you don’t need an introduction to Binance. As the leading centralized crypto exchange worldwide, Binance has the capability to come up with new blockchain developer jobs and other roles. You can find a broad range of services and solutions on Binance, including staking, pool mining, yield farming, and others. It can also help in hosting a broad set of events and activities, such as NFT sales and airdrops. 

Binance also came up with its own blockchain network, i.e., the Binance Smart Chain, in 2020. As a result, it is clearly visible that Binance would need trained professionals for its new initiatives. How can Binance manage the large-scale developments in the network? The answer would lead you to the massive workforce of Binance, which includes remote and on-site workers. With more than 300 job listings, Binance is an indomitable leader in the blockchain and web3 job markets. 

Pinata The final addition among the top companies looking for remote blockchain talent would refer to Pinata. It is a renowned digital platform for NFTs alongside other variants of quality content. Most of the candidates seek answers to “Which big companies are working on blockchain?” during their job search. 

Interestingly, new companies such as Pinata can make a huge difference for aspiring blockchain professionals in terms of career benefits. Pinata marketplace has been successful in delivering IPFS data alongside NFT content marketing for enabling improvements in the web3 domain. 

The unique highlight of Pinata refers to the emphasis on supporting users in practicing creative control. Pinata can serve as a viable platform for professionals seeking jobs in the unexplored talent landscape of NFTs. As the market for NFTs continues growing bigger, Pinata will need more professionals with the capabilities for creating and promoting NFTs. Therefore, you can explore viable opportunities for career development in a remote job position with Pinata and expand its marketplace. 

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Other Blockchain Companies Offering Remote Jobs

The ten companies outlined now among blockchain companies seeking remote employees do not provide the complete picture. You can also come across many other companies which offer remote working opportunities for blockchain professionals. Here are some of the other companies which offer remote blockchain jobs. 

The new and independent blockchain project, Aptos, aims at creating a layer 1 cryptocurrency with the highest performance and network security. 

The NEAR protocol offers an open-source development platform where developers can find the ideal infrastructure for dApp development. Some of the notable dApps and tools created with NEAR blockchain would include Pulse, Ledger, Metaverse, Math Wallet, and many other options. 

The most popular crypto firm hiring remote blockchain professionals is Coinbase. It had a valuation of more than $100 billion on the opening day itself. As of the end of 2021, Coinbase had almost 1200 employees. Now, the company aims to expand its presence across emerging markets with new and diverse job roles. The good news is that majority of the new job openings at Coinbase will be remote in nature. 

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The outline of top blockchain companies which offer remote jobs would point to the different options which can have an impact on your career. Blockchain jobs are the stepping stones into careers for the future of technology. As a blockchain professional, you need to take on new responsibilities and adapt to new roles. 

Therefore, your preparation for blockchain developer jobs must rely on comprehensive and reliable training resources. Guidance by experts and interactive training can offer viable benefits for your career development journey. You need to learn about blockchain, its working, applications, and the practical examples of blockchain use cases. Find out how to build your career in blockchain and find remote jobs suited to your interests right now. 

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