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Happy little Muslim kids playing with sheep toy – celebrating Eid ul Adha – Happy Sacrifice Feast

Eid al Fitr is an important occasion for Muslims worldwide, especially children. After a month of fasting, prayer, and practicing good deeds, a wonderful Eid celebration is an excellent way to cap the season off. 

Here are some helpful ideas to make the upcoming Eid more memorable for the kids and give deeper meaning to Ramadan. 

Glam Up with Eid Home Decor 

Holidays and decorations go hand in hand. Make the day more memorable for the young ones by propping up some decorations to commemorate the occasion. 

One of the trendiest Eid decorations nowadays is the crescent moon tree, an artificial tree ornament available in various sizes and colors. You can adorn this tree with an assortment of lights and ornaments to make it more glamorous. 

Complement the crescent moon tree with other decorations, like balloons, lanterns, and flowers. Several inexpensive decoration options can be done by hand. Plus, you can have the kids join in for a fun family activity. 

Plan Kid-Centric Activities 

Speaking of activity, you can also have the day spent on a number of activities that will strengthen their faith in the process. 

Ramadan is typically scheduled around the lunar calendar, so you can schedule a moon sighting the night before Eid to get your kids in the mood. Take advantage of modern technology using mobile apps or cutting-edge phones to get a better view of the moon. 

You can also host Ramadan kids’ parties with fellow parents to have other children join the fun. Setting up some games like a treasure hunt or preparing a storytelling session with the crowd will further their faith in a fun, creative way. 

Taking part in charity activities in your area is another great way to involve the kids in the faith while showing them the positive effects. Have them help gather items for charity, like old books, toys, and clothes. They could volunteer at the events and be part of the activity first-hand if they are old enough. 

Prepare Your Eidi 

Eidi, or gifts given during Eid, is another staple no parent should miss. Kids love receiving gifts, and giving Eidi will reinforce the idea of getting rewarded for their good deeds. 

Cash is the go-to for Eidi, and who doesn’t want to have some cash? But you can also opt for e-vouchers if your kids prefer them. 

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