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The game development ecosystem is changing continuously. Decades ago, gamers were excited about pixelated characters jumping around in 2D on their television or computer screens. Most of the gamers would agree that they loved to rescue the princess in the Super Mario game or infiltrate terrorist hideouts in Contra. Gradually, 3D graphics arrived in the world of gaming, and since then, the quality of gaming experiences has evolved into almost cinematic experiences.

Interestingly, the rise of web3 game developer jobs has drawn a lot of attention among game developers. What are web3 games? Do you have to follow different methods and techniques for developing web3 games? What are the skills you need for developing web3 games? You can come across many similar questions in the quest for a job in web3 game development.

Web3 is one of the most discussed technology trends that has been hailed as the next big thing for all industries. As a matter of fact, you can become a web3 game developer and explore multiple value advantages of web3 technology. For example, you can create your own web3 games and monetize them according to your preferences. On top of it, web3 games present a new frontier for developers to revolutionize the gaming experience with immersive gameplay. Let us find out what you need to build a career in web3 game development.

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Understanding Web3 Game Development

The first thing you would need to learn web3 game development is the meaning of the term. What are web3 games? Decentralized games that use blockchain technology, smart contracts, and other web3 technologies and tools are known as web3 games. Some of the popular examples of web3 games include Decentraland, CryptoKitties, and Axie Infinity.

However, it is important to note that developing web3 games is not as easy as you imagine. On the contrary, you would need in-depth knowledge of different blockchain concepts and decentralized storage systems. In addition, you must also specialize in best practices for using smart contract programming languages like Solidity.

The list of important web3 skills to learn for game development also focuses on the popular web3 development frameworks. Examples of popular web3 development frameworks include Embark and Truffle. On top of it, you must also learn about the most popular web3 protocols, such as Cosmos, Ethereum, or Polkadot. Furthermore, web3 game developers must create immersive game experiences that provide unique advantages of web3 technology. Therefore, aspiring web3 game developers must also learn about game engines, sound and music creation tools, and graphic design software.

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Who is Responsible for Creating Web3 Games?

The answers to questions like ‘Is web3 the future of gaming?’ also draw attention to the roles in web3 game development. Experts in the domain of blockchain, smart contract development, and decentralized storage systems could work alongside artists and designers to create interactive and immersive experiences. The web3 game developer roadmap focuses on expertise in JavaScript and Solidity programming languages. In addition, it is also important to learn about the latest industry trends and developments.

Creators of innovative and unique web3 games would have to challenge the conventional norms of feasibility in the world of gaming. As a matter of fact, web3 game developers have a crucial role in transforming the perceptions about what could be achieved with web3 games. Interestingly, the adoption of decentralized models in the gaming industry, alongside growing implementation of blockchain-based technologies in gaming, presents flexible opportunities for revolutionizing gaming experiences.

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Do Web3 Games Have a Future?

The hype for web3 games has led to the rise of multiple resources that can help you learn web3 game development with practical examples. However, you might have doubts regarding the long-term sustainability of web3 gaming. Will Web3 games still command popularity in the future? The answer to such questions is clearly visible in the existing state of web3 gaming.

First of all, web3 games are an example of innovative disruption in the gaming sector. Web3 games would change the ways in which users could access games and in-game assets. On top of it, web3 games also introduce new approaches for monetization of in-game assets and experiences.

If you take a look around the world of technology, you will find that decentralized gaming platforms are on the rise. The best thing about web3 games is that web3 game development is not stationary and continues evolving. Game developers could capitalize on the new opportunities with web3 gaming in the future.

As of now, the average web3 game developer salary varies between $120,000 and $280,000, depending on the project and skills. On top of it, the introduction of new technologies in the web3 ecosystem also creates new opportunities for innovation. In simple words, you can understand that decentralization would define the future of gaming. Therefore, web3 games are not just a temporary trend in the world of gaming. They are here to stay!

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What is the Process for Developing Web3 Games?

One of the foremost requirements for web3 game developer jobs is a detailed understanding of the game development process. You can find the following steps in the process of developing web3 games.

The planning and design phase in web3 game development involves the definition of the game concept and mechanics. In addition, you must also outline the rules of the game alongside prototypes and wireframes for the user interface of the game.

  • Smart Contract Development 

If you want to prepare for a web3 game developer certification course, then you must know the fundamentals of smart contract development. Once you are done with the design of the game, you can start smart contract development process. The self-executing programs could facilitate automation of in-game interactions and transactions running on blockchain.

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Web3 games would become attractive only when the frontend interface is appealing to gamers. Therefore, web3 game development relies on creating engaging gaming experiences through responsive and user-friendly interfaces for interacting with smart contracts.

After you complete the frontend development process, it is important to ensure integration of the frontend interface with the smart contract. You would need the right web3 skills to learn the best approaches for a seamless and secure connection between the game interface and the blockchain.

Testing is a crucial part of the web3 game development process, and comprehensive testing ensures that the game performs according to desired expectations. In addition, testing also ensures that the smart contract is secure and does not have any defects. 

The final phase in web3 game development introduces the game to the market. It is important to have the right set of skills for choosing the right blockchain platform that ensures better accessibility to players. 

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What is the Ideal Path to Becoming a Web3 Game Developer?

Every individual who wants to become a web3 game developer is more likely to come across confusing choices about the ideal path for career development. Web3 gaming is a new domain in the world of technology, and beginners are more likely to have doubts regarding effective roadmaps for becoming web3 game developers. Here is an outline of the most important steps for finding your way to a lucrative career in web3 game development.

  • Familiarize with Web3 Technology 

The first doubt on the minds of learners about web3 technology points to the necessity of learning about blockchain. It is important to understand that a web3 game developer roadmap begins with blockchain technology. In addition, you must also learn about smart contracts, blockchains, and NFTs. Blockchain serves as the decentralized and distributed ledger for documenting transactions throughout a network of nodes.

It works as a public database for storing information with assurance of immutability. In-depth knowledge of core concepts of blockchain is essential for web3 game developers. Blockchain expertise helps web3 game developers in incorporation of unique features, such as immutability, security, and transparency in web3 games. 

  • Learn the Best Practices for Choosing Ideal Blockchain Platforms

You can create and deploy web3 games only on blockchain networks. Interestingly, you might come across multiple blockchain networks as the top choices for web3 games. People seeking answers to “Is web3 the future of gaming?” should note that innovation has led to the rise of new blockchain networks. Developers should choose a blockchain that aligns with their specific needs.

For example, the important factors for choosing ideal blockchain platforms for web3 games include liquidity, scalability options, MAUs, and fees. Ethereum serves as a popular choice of blockchain for web3 games, and the support of zkEVMs has increased the popularity of Ethereum. On top of it, you can also find other blockchain networks for web3 games, including Binance Smart Chain, Optimism, Polygon, and Arbitrum.

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The biggest problem for beginners interested in web3 game development is the lack of practical expertise. You can prepare for a web3 game developer certification training course and earn the skills for creating web3 games. However, you should overcome the apprehensions about creating your first project by following some important considerations.

Professional training and certification courses could help you familiarize yourself with examples and practical ways to implement your web3 game development skills. On the other hand, it is important to prepare for the challenges on the job for different web3 game development roles. Therefore, you must choose professional programs with workshops and online game development quests to improve your practical fluency. 

  • Explore the Economics with Play-to-Own Models

The most prominent highlight in introduction to web3 games would obviously point towards play-to-earn mechanisms. However, the play-to-earn games present a setback as the prospects of earning could distract players from the gaming experience. The responsibilities for professionals in web3 game developer jobs would focus on play-to-own mechanics.

Play-to-own games could help players exercise ownership over the in-game assets in the form of NFTs. Interestingly, play-to-own model provides a more sustainable and secure alternative for web3 game development. Therefore, you should learn the skills and best practices for creating play-to-own games with an in-depth understanding of their working principles.

  • Dive Deeper into Uses of NFTs

Non-fungible tokens, or NFT, are another crucial component in the world of web3 game development. The web3 game developer salary estimate is not fixed. You can explore better opportunities for earning a better salary package by improving your skills. For example, a web3 game developer must not ignore the functionalities of NFTs.

Non-fungible tokens are no longer fancy assets that are used for tokenizing artwork and digital assets. On the contrary, the functionalities of NFTs help in representation of ownership of in-game assets. Integration of NFTs into web3 games could help players in trading and borrowing in-game items without any centralized control.

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  • Develop the Ancillary Skills for Web3 Game Development

What are the ancillary skills you need for web3 game development? The important web3 skills to learn the technical methods and best practices for web3 game development provide a glimpse of one side. On the contrary, you must also learn other important skills, and some you would have to develop on your own.

For example, there is no training course for boosting your creativity and ability to express your ideas. However, you can rely on professional resources to improve your communication abilities. Most important of all, you must also embrace the principles of decentralization without any resistance. 

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Final Words

The pathways to become a web3 game developer present a broad range of challenges alongside opportunities for career growth. One of the most common assumptions about web3 games is that they are unique only because they use blockchain technology. However, there is more to web3 games than just blockchain technology.

If you want to learn web3 game development, then you must familiarize yourself with concepts such as play-to-own model, NFTs, and smart contract development. Most important of all, you should have the ability to understand the dynamics of web3 games for generating innovative solutions.

Web3 games provide a clear glimpse of the future of gaming. Furthermore, the development of technologies like metaverse also presents the opportunity for improving the experience of web3 games. Learn more about web3 game development by starting with the fundamentals of web3 with comprehensive training resources now.

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