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Healing is the process of becoming sound or healthy again after some sort of illness. Allah is Al-Hadi – the Guide, the Loving and the Caring Lord. From the time of the creation of Adam and Eve, Allah has sent revelation to teach people how to live according to His will. By sending one hundred and twenty-four thousand Prophets Allah has shown that he cares for us. The Quran is the final revelation that teaches humans that they are special, as representatives of God on earth. It provides them with a code of conduct to live a successful and good life; a life that is free from worry, evil, and all the vices that ruin human emotions and intelligence. The healing medicine of the Quran is based on the following principles it teaches:

  1. The Majestic Quran explains the purpose of your life.
    The Quran explains the urgency of repairing the broken relationship between Allah and humanity through worship, remembrance, and obedience by surrendering, committing, and submitting. The reward will be the greatest anyone can seek from an appreciative, Caring Lord.
  2. The Majestic Quran teaches moral, social and spiritual values for humanity.
    These values display the greatness of Allah. They reflect the Creator’s perfection, His unceasing love and providence. These Divine qualities inspire the mind with humility and reverence. These teachings are so clear and unambiguous that reason and conscience accepts them. These values help us to appreciate the importance of human freedom, responsibility and empowerment, timeless themes. It tells us ‘you can change your life if you want’. The world order this gives rise to is kind, generous and caring for others. This leads to healthy living that is free from the temptations of a hedonistic and pleasure-seeking life.
  3. The Majestic Quran presents the Prophet as the perfect role model.
    The values mentioned above are not theoretical but practical since the beloved Messenger (peace be upon him) lived them. He showed us how to forgive, how to be patient and how to be generous. The Quran presents him as a role model for humanity, an embodiment of goodness, and righteousness. He taught the Divine words that produce clean and beautiful human beings.
  4. The impact of the Quran’s teachings on everyday life.
    The Quran strongly prohibits actions unfit for humans such as consuming alcohol, drugs, selfish habits, sexual indecency, adultery, gambling and taking interest in business, jealousy, backbiting, arrogance and anger. The Quran teaches, ‘give up these for sanity, health and happiness’. Avoidance of these sins is the key to a flourishing life. People who practice these prohibited vices are trapped in a degrading and vicious cycle of evil that makes their lives miserable.

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