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Text sign showing Islamic Financing. Conceptual photo Banking activity and investment that complies with sharia.

Islamic financing has been a home acquisition option for decades, though not everyone knows about it. 

Since our inception, IjaraCDC advocates for bringing this financing alternative to the mainstream market. Here are several ways that we’re getting the job done. 

Nationwide Islamic Financing Seminars 

We believe that education is an essential key to growth and improvement. Unfortunately, many potential homeowners are missing out on opportunities, simply because they don’t know what’s available. 

IjaraCDC remedies this concern by conducting seminars all across the country. We work with different mosques and realtors to introduce, educate, and demystify Islamic financing topics to attendees. We’ve been to over half of the US and Canada since starting the seminar series, and we’re hoping to expand our reach this year.  

If you want to book a seminar in your area, contact us here

Implementation of Riba-Free Housing Options on Financial Institutions

Traditionally, Muslims who want to own a home will either pay through cash or seek alternative financing options. With most banks and financial institutions only offering conventional home mortgages, this would either force Muslims to forego their beliefs or keep renting until they can save enough cash. 

Understanding this challenge, IjaraCDC has assisted several institutions in opening the door for Islamic financing to their clients. In fact, one of the more popular Islamic lenders in the US started in the industry with our help. 

Partnering with Local Realtors 

No one knows the local real estate market more than the realtors that work in the area. With more Muslim home buyers emerging, having Islamic financing options to offer that growing market will help realtors close more deals while expanding their market. 

To help realtors reach out to the Muslim community, we let established a Preferred Realtor Program. Through the program, realtors can utilize our Sharia-compliant structuring process to make the purchased property fit Islamic regulations on home ownership. 

Want to be part of IjaraCDC’s Preferred Realtor Program? Reach out today. 

Bringing Islamic Financing to the Digital World 

Cryptocurrency has been a growing medium of exchange, becoming a global force over the years. And while considering the future of worldwide currency, many Muslims believe that crypto is Haram or not permissible according to Sharia law. 

Taking advantage of crypto’s potential and revolutionizing the crypto market, IjaraCDC has entered the blockchain through its crypto token. Known as the Ethical Token or ETHi, this token is 100% halal, as it’s rooted in rent-to-own US real estate. We’ve recently moved to the Polygon Mainnet, bringing more opportunities to the ETHi Token. 

Click Here to learn how to buy ETHi tokens. 

Making Islamic Financing the Preferred Home Acquisition Alternative 

Compared to the past decades, Islamic financing is becoming a more viable option for owning a home. IjaraCDC is spearheading the movement towards bringing Islamic financing to the mainstream market through education and working with main avenues for home ownership. We’re looking forward to the day that this will be the initial choice for Muslim and non-Muslim homebuyers in the US and Canada. 

Interested in getting a Riba-free home? Talk to our experts today and see how we can address your needs for Sharia-compliant home acquisition. 

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