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The G2 Reports for Fall 2023 are out, and we have scored big once again with a record-breaking 48 badges. As a leading web3 and blockchain research and education pioneer, 101 Blockchains has earned recognition for serving the best training resources. The G2 Fall 2023 Reports have honored us with exciting new achievements, including our all-time favorite ‘Users Love Us’ badge. Our previous record in the G2 Reports was 29 badges in the G2 Summer 2023 Reports. Receiving 48 badges is a record-breaking milestone for all of us at 101 Blockchains.

Interestingly, we earned new badges in the Online Course Provider and Technical Skill Development categories. Adding more badges to our results in the G2 Reports indicates how we have outperformed our competitors. We have moved one step ahead of others in professional Web3 & Blockchain training and certification. Let us share some of the highlights of our achievements in the latest G2 Reports with you.

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Important Highlights of the G2 Fall 2023 Reports 

101 Blockchains has been an industry leader in Web3, Blockchain, and AI training and certification, with an extensive training library and accredited certifications. The training library at 101 Blockchains features more than 50 professional training courses and masterclasses. In addition, we also offer a free blockchain course, flashcards, ebooks, presentations, on-demand webinars, and other free resources. The training resources on 101 Blockchains focus primarily on Blockchain and Web3. However, it also includes training courses on fintech, AI, IoT, and other latest technology trends. 

The results in the G2 Report for Fall 2023 have proved our dedication to serving our learners the best resources and the best support. We have decimated all our previous records in the G2 Reports with 48 badges this season. We have earned 17 badges in the Online Course Provider category and 30 in the Technical Skill Development category. On top of it, we have also received the ‘Users Love Us’ badge, which recognizes our learners’ love. The ‘Users Love Us’ badge indicates that learners are happy with our resources and services.

Each badge in the G2 Fall 2023 Reports for 101 Blockchains indicates our performance on different criteria for offering quality blockchain education. Our results in the Fall 2023 Reports prove our capabilities to cater to the needs of a broader client base. In addition, the badges also demonstrate our commitment to expand our services in new markets with better customer satisfaction levels.

The most interesting aspect of the results for 101 Blockchains in the Fall 2023 Reports is the collection of new badges. While we have successfully earned the tags of ‘Momentum Leader’ and ‘High Performer’ once again in the Online Course Providers and Technical Skill Development categories, we have also scored impressive new badges. For example, we have earned badges for ‘Best Usability’, ‘Easiest Admin’, ‘Best Relationship’, ‘Easiest Setup’, and ‘Easiest to Use’. All the new badges validate our capabilities to serve our learners with the best quality of training.

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Our Achievements in G2 Fall 2023 Reports

The G2 Reports have given us more good news as 101 Blockchains becomes the market leader among online course providers. Interestingly, the G2 Report provides a clear impression of our achievements in helping blockchain professionals. The excellent results in the Fall 2023 Reports are a much-needed boost for our motivation to serve our learners with better resources. We have introduced new courses, masterclasses, and certifications to help our learners find better training and career development opportunities. Our efforts in fostering Web3 education have led us to cover other crucial technologies, such as AI and IoT.

We cannot thank our learners enough for the love they have showered upon us. The G2 Fall 2023 Reports are proof of the unwavering determination of 101 Blockchains to help you achieve your career objectives in the Blockchain space.

G2 has been a trustworthy companion in our journey of growth. The platform has continuously helped us find insights into our performance as training and certification course providers. G2 uses the reviews submitted by real users of technology platforms and solution providers to rate their performance. Therefore, G2 Reports are a trusted mark of our credibility in blockchain training and certification.

Here is a brief overview of the 101 Blockchains’ achievements in different categories of G2 Reports for Fall 2023 –

G2 Fall 2023 Reports

The Online Course Providers category in the G2 Report focuses on platforms that offer self-paced training courses. We have achieved 17 badges in this category, most of which are ‘High Performer’ for different groups. The High Performer badge for other regions and small businesses indicates that we can serve our clients with the best satisfaction in a limited market presence.

However, the ‘Momentum Leader’ badge stands out prominently from other badges. It serves as a mark for our consistent growth in different aspects, including social reach, reviews, web growth, and growth in number of employees. We have also earned the tag of ‘Leader’ and badges for ‘Best Relationship’ and ‘Best Support.’ One of the key highlights of our achievements in the Online Course Providers category is the success we among small businesses.

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  • Technical Skill Development

The Technical Skill Development category in the G2 Fall 2023 Reports involves platforms offering professional technology solutions training. We have registered an impressive benchmark in the Technical Skills category in the latest G2 Report, with 30 badges. We thank all our learners for helping us become the ‘High Performer’ and ‘Momentum Leader’ alongside many other new badges. Our learners have stated that we are the ‘Easiest to Do Business With’ and we are the ‘Easiest to Use’. The badges of ‘Easiest Setup,’ ‘Best Relationship,’ and ‘Best Support’ also shed light on our performance as a technical skill development platform.

Another prominent highlight for our team in the G2 Report is the ‘Users Love Us’ badge. It serves as an indicator of the trust we get from our learners in our training courses and certifications.

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Final Words

The badges we have received in the G2 Fall 2023 Reports announced are valid proof of our commitment to perfection in blockchain training. Besides helping our learners find the best blockchain training and certification courses, we have also introduced new offerings like flashcards, ebooks, and more.

At the same time, we are expanding into new markets with promising results. The results of the G2 Fall 2023 Report for 101 Blockchains also serve as fuel that lifts our spirits and encourages us to serve you better. The badges by G2 not only offer recognition for the quality of our services but also catalyze us to introduce more courses with the best quality. 

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