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I hold my pen and begin to write,

Hoping to convey only that which is right,

A poem for tender young minds

Exposed to ideas of various kinds.

You must have heard of LGBTQ,

Or seen the symbol of a rainbow,

Or perhaps got fascinated by a unicorn,

Or in school, about them you may have been taught.

They say LGBTQ is something natural,

That it isn’t something condemnable!

It’s being normalised to such an extent

That speaking against it gets you the ‘homophobic’ label!

You may have agreed when they called it a ‘natural predisposition’,

You may have felt pity thinking it to be a ‘natural inclination’,

You may have lent your support to save them from ‘oppression’,

Or some Muslims may claim to have harboured similar emotions.

Your doubts are acknowledged,

But in this matter, be cautious!

Don’t fall for these perverted ideologies,

Normalised by Shaitan and his allies.

The people of Prophet Lut are an example,

Whom Allah destroyed for committing this heinous action!

Don’t buy into the explanation of those,

Who, to fit their desires, the Qur’an they distort.

Even Prophet Muhammed feared for his nation,

That they would commit this heinous action.

Then how can we have a justification,

For such abhorrent behaviour?

Scientifically too, it causes diseases so infectious,

Unknown to humanity since the beginning of creation.

Resorting to artificial means of reproduction–

This proves this practice isn’t natural!

Dear young tender minds,

If you’ve had feelings of similar kind,

Know that for unintentional thoughts,

You won’t be reckoned.

Refrain from committing this action,

For verily it is a perversion.

Seek counsel from those qualified,

Call upon your Rabb, the Most Kind.

Verily, Allah tests everyone differently,

Trust Him and hold on to our deen firmly,

In Sha Allah, you’ll find the way out surely,

Choose your companions and mentors wisely.

The enemies of your deen will try to create doubts,

Dear tender beings, you are strong!

When they are not ashamed of spreading falsehood,

You, my dear, shouldn’t shy away from spreading the truth!

A bit of suppression of desires,

A bit of firm reliance,

Not for someone else’s sake,

But to win the afterlife is the aim.

Written by: Zubia Nausheen
Edited by: The Editorial Team
© The Islamic Reflections Blog

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