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What does Cleanspark (CLSK) do?

CleanSpark, Inc. engages in Bitcoin mining operations.

Is CLSK Halal?

We hold a comfortable rating for CLSK. See details here.

Just the Numbers

  • The company experienced a 130% increase in bitcoin production in Q1 of 2023 fiscal year, mining over 1,500 bitcoin due to the deployment of 45,000 miners in the past 12 months.
  • Despite the increase in bitcoin production, there was a decrease in revenue by $10 million due to the steep decline in the price of bitcoin.
  • Gross profit was $7.4 million, which declined from $31 million in the same quarter of the previous year due to the decline in bitcoin prices.
  • The company recognized a GAAP net loss of $29 million, compared to a net income of $14.5 million in Q1 of last year, mostly due to non-cash items such as depreciation and stock-based compensation.
  • The company recognized a slightly negative adjusted EBITDA of $1.4 million in the current quarter due to lower bitcoin prices, but the CEO feels confident that this is not a trend that will continue in the second quarter due to the recent increase in bitcoin prices.
  • The company has a healthy balance sheet with $2 million of cash on hand, $6 million in assets held for sale, and a total debt of less than $20 million, which was paid down by $1.6 million in the first quarter. The company requires significant CapEx for its operations, with a goal of reaching 16 exahash by the end of the year.

Beyond the Numbers

  • Despite macroeconomic headwinds, the company was able to increase its average hashrate and number of machines.
  • The company added a new mining campus to its portfolio and saw its highest-ever bitcoin production, outpacing its peers.
  • The company owns and operates its infrastructure and has a dedicated team that results in high uptime and long-term benefits for shareholders.

Buy & Sell

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