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Ramadan is an Islamic holy month where we Muslims fast, pray and do good deeds to our God. In that time, we don’t eat or drink anything from the start of the first call to prayer in dawn (fajr) until the fourth prayer in the sunset (Maghreb) for 30 days.

Unlike Christmas and other holidays, Ramadan usually starts 10 days earlier every year. For example, last year in 2022, it starts on April 1. But, this year 2023 it will start on March 22.

As Muslims, this is very important to us since we dedicate to Allah. In that month, this is where we start to cook many delicious foods for our families and loved ones when breaking our fast. These include Main dishes, desserts, and snacks, which are all halal food.

In this post, I have gathered and collected the list of best Ramadan Iftar Recipes that are family-friendly. This recipe ranges from Middle Eastern to Asian foods, which are all halal-friendly.

Recipe Frequently Asked Question’s

1. Why is Ramadan different every year?

That is because unlike the current calendar, which we are using right now, the Islamic calendar is based on the Lunar cycler. In another word, the Ramadan started based on the appearance of the new moon and ends with the appearance of the new moon.

2. Why do we start with dates when breaking our fast in Ramadan?

In Ramadan, before we break our fast, we start first eating dates and warm soup. That is because it is mentioned in the Quran the importance of dates. Also, it is normal that when fast, our blood sugar tends to get lower, and since dates contain sugar, it can help normalize our blood sugar and not feel lethargic.

3. What kind of food do we serve in Ramadan?

In that holy month of Ramadan, we tend to make large meals which include Meat, Rice, Salad, Soup, and Desserts. It doesn’t have to be Arabic food, and it can be Indian, Mediterranean, Southeast Asian, or any cuisines that are considered halal.

50 Best Ramadan Iftar Recipes

Do you have other delicious Ramadan Iftar Food recipes you will like me to add? Let me know in the comment below.

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