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Every one of us aims to change for the better when celebrating Ramadan. However, when Ramadan ends, many of our practices are left behind on the day of Eid. These practices improve our relationship with Allah and our brothers and sisters; continuing these morals throughout our lives is best.

As the new year is here, let us discuss the traditions or practices during Ramadan that we can do all year round during Ramadan. Here are some of the customs we can do.

1. Fasting

Fasting is one of the main activities during Ramadan. However, you can fast even monthly for its spiritual and physiological benefits.

Fasting is a form of cleansing your body of the toxins in foods you eat. It also has its spiritual benefits, as, in this state, prayers are more sincere as you have a deeper connection to Allah. In addition, if done right, you can condition yourself for next year’s Ramadan.

2. Regular Prayer Post-Ramadan

Praying five times daily is a pillar of the faith, but many struggle to accomplish it. Ramadan provides the opportunity for many faithful to complete the prayers.

Ramadan is an excellent way to build the habit of praying regularly to the point that it is part of your routine. When the festival ends, stick to your prayer schedule all year round. Having a buddy system with a family member to help you with your prayer struggle is also helpful.

3. Daily Qur’an Reading

It is customary to recite the Quran during Ramadan for the faithful to deepen their relationship with the teachings and Allah. As the festivity ends with Eid, continue reading the Quran regularly in your schedule; you can read a bigger portion of the book if you make it a habit.

4. Dhikr

Praising Allah is a must habit for everyone, which only needs a few minutes. Many examples on YouTube show people doing it while driving to work or doing home chores. Dhikr is excellent practice; you can fit in even on a busy schedule to give you a positive attitude even on a stressful day.

5. Charitable Giving After Ramadan

Doing charity work is something you can also do every month and not only during the Holy Season. Charity work is also an excellent time to have fellowship with fellow brothers and sisters in faith as you help the less fortunate and make you more appreciative of what you have.

As we observe Ramadan, we hope to become better people than the previous year. The key to being a better person is continuously practicing these habits even outside the season, as it helps strengthen our character and faith.   

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