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Chicken is one of the world’s most popular protein meats which is used to make stew, sandwiches, or rice dishes. Every country, they have a variety of chicken dishes that are delicious, nutritious, and spicy!

Spicy Chicken recipes roundup

While living in an Asian country Philippines), I get the chance to learn the kinds of ingredients they use in their cooking. What caught my attention is there are many delicious spicy dishes that are mouthwatering. I have tried many Asian cuisines, and I can tell you that spicy chicken dishes are delicious.

Which countries that are known for its spicy food?

I am sure most countries have spicy recipes. But in my experience, here are the most common cuisines that are known for it’s spicy food:

  • Asian cuisines- These countries include Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Malaysian, Pakistani, Chinese, and Indian.
  • North American Cuisines- Mexican are known to serve many spicy dishes, but it can also be found in the United States, where they serve dishes like Nashville chicken or dishes using Cajun spices.
  • African Cuisines- It is not surprising that African cuisines love spicy food which includes countries like Nigeria, Ethiopia, and South Africa. On other hand, Northern African countries like Egypt, Libya, or Morocco don’t eat or offer many spicy dishes.
  • Other cuisines- I can’t say much about European, Middle Eastern, or Mediterranean since they aren’t known to cook spicy food. On the other hand, most Caribbean countries, such as Jamaica, have some of the most delicious spicy dishes to eat.

What makes the chicken spicy?

If you wonder why their chicken and other dish is spicy is because of the condiments and the spices they added to them. Most countries use green or red chilies, but it depends on what type of chili they use.

For example, Mexican cuisine uses chilies like jalapeno, serrano, or Habanero. On the other hand, Thai cuisine uses bird pepper or prik khee nu. One thing to know is that most Asian, African, or Caribbean countries have their type of chili that is familiar to local cooking.

On other hand, some Asian cuisines use a type of condiment that is considered spicy. For instance, Korea, uses gochujang paste, while Southeast Asians (Thai, Malaysian or Indonesian) use a spicy condiment called Sambal.

Now I have provided the background of spicy food, here are the 32 Best Spicy Chicken Recipes that you make at home:

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