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Asian Muslim man and woman choosing house

The first home you purchase is one home that will be filled with many memories. Buying a house that suits your family and lifestyle is essential as you will be living in this home for a long time. We gathered three factors that will help you in choosing your first house.

1. The Place

Aerial view of residential neighborhood in Lakewood, Colorado.

The first thing to consider is the location for buying your first home. Consider how far it is from your work, the masjid, the school, and the park for the children. Accessibility to grocery stores and medical facilities is also essential for convenience. 

Another thing to check is the site: the elevation if it has stairs, and if the yard is suitable for gardening, children, or pets. Check the driveway, the accessibility to the property, and the stairs to the front door, ensuring safety within the household. 

Also, check the neighborhood for security if the windows face the neighbors or have a view. The roads and sidewalks if it has enough space to walk or run and ample traffic signs. If possible, ask the seller about the neighbors and community and if it is children and or pet friendly. 

2. House Design

Modern living room with wood floor overlooking the garden

The house design must suit your lifestyle when buying your first home. Tudor or Victorian-style homes have more upkeep than brick homes. Check areas like the patio and roof to see if they are in good condition and how much yard work is required.

A large home is good; however, utilizing most of the living space is better. A big house might not be suitable for a small family starting up, and the upkeep, bills, and taxes to maintain it would be expensive. Consider how much effort you are willing to put into the upkeep of your house.

3. The Facilities

Stylish light gray kitchen interior with modern cabinets and stainless steel appliances in new home. kitchen design in scandinavian style. green plants decor, wooden worktop, sink

The living spaces must be checked for accessibility and if the layout needs changes. How the floorplan looks and the access of every facility to each other. 

The bedrooms and bathrooms must be suitable for your needs. The number of these depends on the size of your family. A two-bedroom house is ideal for families with one or two offspring. Make sure the bedrooms are spacious and accommodate the individuals occupying them. The bathrooms must be accessible, and plumbing in good condition. 

Of all the living spaces, you must love the kitchen. A vital room in the house where you cook your meals and bond with each other, the kitchen must be well-lit and accessible. Many would renovate their kitchen, but if you are on a budget, be sure the kitchen is up to your liking.

At the end of the day, a home is not just the square footage of the bedrooms or if the kitchen cabinets are new. A home is a feeling. Even if the home doesn’t check off all the items on your list, if it gives you a warm feeling and you can see yourself building memories in it, then you should go for it.  

Many experts can advise you better in choosing your first home, but we can help you have one. We at IjaraCDC are committed to providing you with a halal way of purchasing your home. Talk to us today!

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