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Filipino Cuisines has a rich influence of Spanish, Chinese, Malay, and American flavors, creating a rich tapestry of delicious dishes. It is known for its food as tangy, sweet and savory which makes it unique and delicious. There are many Filipino chicken recipes to try which includes from chicken adobo to sisig.

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Filipino food is often known to incorporate ingredients like coconut milk, vinegar, soy sauce, and different vegetables and spices. From hearty stews to tangy marinades, Filipino cuisine reflects a unique blend of sweet, sour, and savory flavors that captivate the taste buds.

As a half Filipino, I love their food, but the thing is I notice there are many foods here that are pork, which might be hard if you are Muslim or looking for halal food like me. However, I have managed to find and make many delicious Filipino chicken recipes that will melt your mouth.

In this roundup, we’ll focus deeper into the mouthwatering world of Filipino chicken recipes, exploring their flavors, ingredients, and the cultural significance behind these beloved dishes.

Common Ingredients used in Filipino cooking

Here are the common ingredients that makes Filipino food unique and different from other regional neighbors:

  1. SOY SAUCE: In our meat and vegetables dishes, we love to add soy sauce since it gives an umami flavor. This is one of the most common and important ingredients we used when cooking Filipino chicken recipes. If you might wonder why Filipino dishes are salty, that will be because of this condiment.
  2. VINEGAR: When we add soy sauce, we tend to add it together with vinegar, since they go well together. It gives an acidic flavor which is good when marinating the meat. However, we mostly use this condiment in our chicken, beef recipes.
  3. OYSTER SAUCE: This type of sauce is another important condiment that we use mostly on our vegetables and some meat dishes. Unlike soy sauce, the oyster sauce has a sweet and salt flavor.
  4. BROWN SUGAR: If you wonder why some Filipino dishes like Tocino, Longganiza, or Siopao are sweet. To prevent an overwhelming sweet flavor, it is usually balanced with soy sauce, which adds a salty flavor.
  5. FISH SAUCE: This type of sauce is an important condiment that adds savory flavor in soup or stew recipes like chicken curry or coconut stew dish

Recipe Frequently Asked Question’s (FAQ’s)

1. What makes Filipino cuisines different from Thai and other Southeast Asian cuisines?

Filipino food is not spicy as compared to Thai, Malay, Indonesian, or other Southeast Asian cuisines. Our local cuisine is a combination of sweet, salty, and umami since we add soy sauce, vinegar, and brown sugar.

In addition to that, we don’t add much spices or herbs like cumin, cinnamon, or coriander compared to other Asian cuisines.

2. What common side dishes you need when eating Filipino Chicken dishes?

As a half Filipino, white rice is an important staple food, which is a must if you are served with Chicken, seafood, or any meat dishes. Of course, we also like to eat it together with other vegetable side dishes.

3. Are Filipino Chicken Recipes Always Savory?

Filipino recipes including chicken are known to be a combination of sweet, sour, and savory tastes which you can find in dishes like dishes like chicken adobo and afritada.

Chicken Recipes

1. Chicken Sisig

Chicken Sisig is a Filipino dish from Pampanga which is a mix of chopped chicken and liver. It is seasoned and mixed with soy sauce, calamansi, green chilies, and mayonnaise. You might think it is weird that mayo is added to this dish, but I promise this is what makes the meat moist and delicious.

2. Filipino Chicken Curry

Filipino Chicken curry is a curry dish from the Philippines that is mixed with coconut milk, bell pepper, potatoes, carrots which is traditionally served with white rice. It’s a creamy and aromatic stew with a hint of sweetness, which is not spicy as compared to Thai Indian or other Asian curry dishes

3. Chicken Pastil

Chicken Pastil is a Muslim dish from Southern Mindanao in the Philippines, which is served with white rice topped with seasoned shredded chickens. This popular breakfast dish is commonly served with a spicy Filipino condiment called Palapa which is our Filipino maranao version of Sambal.

4. Chicken Bicol Express

Chicken Bicol Express is considered one of the few Filipino spicy dishes that is mixed with coconut milk, chopped boneless chicken breast, and shrimp paste is known as bagoong. What makes this dish spicy because green chilies are added to this recipe.

5. Chicken Tocino

Chicken Tocino is a popular breakfast recipe where the chicken is marinated in a sweet and savory sauce made with sugar, soy sauce, garlic, and vinegar, then typically pan-fried or grilled. It results in tender, slightly caramelized chicken with a delightful balance of flavors—sweet, savory, and a hint of tanginess..

6. Chicken Papaya Soup (Tinolang Manok)

Tinolang Manok is a Filipino chicken soup made with ginger, garlic, onions, and green papaya or chayote which is best served and eaten with white rice. It’s simmered in a clear broth, creating a light yet flavorful dish perfect for warming up on chilly days.

7. Skinless Chicken Longganisa

Skinless chicken longanisa is a Filipino breakfast sausage dish made with ground chicken meat, typically flavored with garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, and various spices. It’s a flavorful alternative to pork longanisa, that is eaten either with white rice or garlic rice.

8. Chicken Skin Chicharon

Chicken Chicharon is a deep-fried chicken skin that is commonly eaten with white rice and vinegar as a dipping sauce. The chicharon is boiled first with water, vinegar, peppercorn, and onion powder to help remove the smell before frying.

9. Chicken Afritada

Chicken afritada is a Filipino stew dish that contain chicken pieces cooked in a rich tomato-based sauce along with bell peppers, carrots, potatoes, and sometimes green peas. It’s a comforting and hearty dish that showcases a harmonious blend of savory flavors with a touch of sweetness from the vegetables.

10. Chicken Adobo with Potatoes

Chicken Adobo is an unofficial national dish of the Philippines which is a savory chicken dish mixed with soy sauce, vinegar, brown sugar, and a lot of garlic. There are different varieties of adobo dishes, which some use coconut milk while others they mixed with pork meat.

11. Chicken Siopao Asado

Chicken Siopao Asado is one of my favorite hot bun, which contain a fillings of shredded and Asado sauce, that is made of soy sauce, oyster sauce, sugar, garlic, and onions. If you want to enjoy this dish, I highly recommend you serve this as warm since it is soft and fluffy.

12. Chicken Pancit Canton

Chicken Pancit Canton is a Filipino egg noodle dish that is mixed with boneless chopped chicken breast, vegetables, and different sauces. This is one example of a Chinese-influenced dish which we believe that eating noodles during important occasions like birthday signifies long life.

13. Chicken Sandwich Spread

chicken spread sandwich in a platechicken spread sandwich in a plate

Chicken Sandwich Spread is a Filipino-style homemade sandwich recipe that is mixed with shredded onion chicken, mayonnaise, and lettuce. I like to eat it during snacks time either with fried or potato chips.

14. Bacolod Chicken Inasal

Bacolod chicken inasal is a Filipino grilled chicken dish hailing from Bacolod City, marinated in a blend of vinegar, calamansi (Philippine lime), garlic, and annatto oil. It’s then grilled to perfection, resulting in tender, flavorful chicken with a slightly tangy and smoky taste.

15. Chicken Giniling

Chicken giniling is a Filipino dish made with ground chicken sautéed with onions, garlic, mixed vegetables and raisins.. It’s seasoned with soy sauce and other spices, creating a flavorful minced chicken dish that’s often served with rice or used as a filling for wraps or sandwiches.

16. Chicken Siomai

Chicken siomai is a Filipino dumpling recipe filled with ground chicken, shredded carrots, onion, soy sauce & other seasoning, that is wrapped in a thin flour-based wrapper. It is commonly steamed and served with a soy-based dipping sauce & calamansi, which is best served with fried rice.

17. Ginataang Manok with Papaya

Ginataang Manok with Papaya is a popular Filipino coconut-milk stew recipe that is a combination of chicken pieces, green papaya, green beans, and various aromatic spices cooked together in a flavorful coconut broth. The dish is often served with steamed rice and enjoyed as a main course.

18. Chicken Liver Adobo

Chicken Liver Adobo, known as Adobong Atay in the Philippines, combines chicken liver and boiled egg simmered in a blend of vinegar, soy sauce, onions, garlic, and assorted seasonings. This flavorful and indulgent dish is traditionally enjoyed with steamed white rice.

19. Chicken Pancit Bam-I

Pancit Bami is a Filipino noodle meal that melds pancit canton and sotanghon noodles, mixed with mushrooms, cabbage, carrots, and chicken or liver. It’s seasoned with soy sauce and various spices, resulting in a flavorful noodle dish often enjoyed during special occasions or get-togethers.

20. Ginisang Sayote with Chicken

Ginisang Sayote with Chicken is a Filipino dish made by stir-frying sliced sayote (chayote) along with chicken, garlic, onions, and sometimes tomatoes. It’s seasoned with soy sauce & oyster sauce, and sesame oil, creating a simple yet flavorful dish commonly served with rice.


Filipino cuisines are truly delicious, and I highly recommend you should try one. They are considered unique because their food is mostly influenced by Spain, the United States, and China. Also, they are mostly sweet & savory, and it does not contain herbs & spices compared to other Southeast Asian cuisines.

These Filipino chicken recipes roundup is considered one of the best local dishes you can try. Once you try them, you will appreciate their food since they are delicious and different.

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